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Berserker for the better
W*** 2020-06-13 12:18
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    I’ve played the berserker class a month after the game was released, and still play it till this day. The berserker is a class I’ve come to like a lot, and even tho BDO has been out for quite a while on pc, when it came to Xbox it was noticeable that we didn’t have the movement and frames that pc had. Through time you guys suggested SSD to better game play , so I went and got one, I’ve done most of the things that PA had suggested to better gameplay, but there’s only so much we could do. After all this time struggling with gameplay and optimization you guys go and destroy one of the classes that was already having a hard time to begging with in console. Playing berserker after these recent updates has destroyed the fun I had playing this class. The berserker was already a class that needed a lot of work done, yet it continues to be ignored for some reason. Why do we keep getting these “nerfs” on console when we clearly don’t have the same capabilities as pc? The berserker console community has tried to get PA to pay attention to our problems yet PA keeps ignoring us and continues to make more problems for this class. Will Berserker ever stop getting “nerfed” for the worse? Will we just be forced to play these caster classes or reroll to the next popular class in order to get the attention needed to enjoy playing this game? Please PA take the time to work on fixing Berserker for the better, because up to now I and many of the Berserkers in console community feel like the money and time we’ve invested into this class has really gone to the trash because we just keep getting worse and worse updates target to us for some reason. I hope that in the future PA actually takes the time to listen to some of its long time players, and not just feed the current hype in game. Thank you again for your consideration on this matter.

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Here you have the answer. 



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10 hours ago, Anarkiller said:

Here you have the answer. 


Looking at how the community reacted with changes over the years I kind of doubt this is true. Yet, with the lack of interest in classes such as this one, you do have to wonder if they really think some classes over there are really that strong. Even if that is the case, this is console. Berserker is a Seperate class entirely 


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