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Is there an active player base?
ANARCHYgt 2020-07-25 09:16
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Bdo is currently on sale on the ps store and i might just buy it. I am wondering is the player base healthy/active? (asian region)



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It's pretty healthy if you ask me, I play on the NA servers but last I heard the Asian servers are pretty well populated. Not everyone in Asia play on PC exclusively. However the final decision is yours to make, so take your time there's no real rush.


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Yeah, it should be active. Games like Black Desert - it's a game community with thousands of active players, as I know, all around the world. And although developers should spend not so much time for technical maintenance for the servers of this game, I think they could spend more time for gameplay features, improving gaming experience. Bring my game ideas to life webpage from iLogos can show any other game development company, how they can improve gaming experience in any game dev project. Their specific sphere of development more like indie games, but their game art experience and gameplay innovations - can be used in any game genre, in my opinion.


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Yes, I agree.