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Hello everyone, First of all I am sorry if this question has been done before, I could not find any information about it.

I am kinda a new player in the game, (started a month ago or so) and I don't know what is avaiable in the game compared to the PC version (because all the info I normally found in the net is about the PC version) so my question is, Is there any way to obtain/buy a Hedgehog in the console bdo?

Because what I have found is that the BDO console version gets the patchs and the events a week after the PC version (according to the videos in Youtube) and in the PC version several weeks ago the hedgehog was incluided in the pet offers but I never found it in the console store and I am kinda looking forward for one, specially because I am doing the gathering (chopping logs) for the Epheria Sail Boat.

Thank you in advance for your replies. Have a nice day. :D

Edit: I have another question, if you cancel the epheria sail boat during the material arrange are you supposed to lose the materials and recipes that were already arranged? because I calcelled it by mistake (while trying to check if I could put the workers to repeat the action more than their energy number so I won't have to be so focused on it while hunting) and I didn't get the materials back to the warehouse. Well, the materials are not important, but the recipes are, because if I did lose them I will need to wait another 13 days doing the daily quest. x_x

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