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Black Division recruiting 550+ players
DeathByRNG 2020-08-26 00:25
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BlackDivision is recruiting!

-Really laid back guild, just want everyone to have fun no crazy requirements just 550+ gs we'll work with you if you're a shai or caster.

-T1 competitive node war guild we drop 3-5 times a week.

-We have players online at all times (even have a night crew for people on at odd hours) willing to help.

-RBF and BA events (King of the hill, good times).

-Will be holding PvP Tournaments with Arsha arena incoming.

-Garmoth weekly cron runs.

-Tree groups daily, leeches for days deeps for hours.

-Party chats and discord always active. We use both for node wars.

-Pila Fe/Guild Mission/Pot grinding groups.

Message me on here or on discord if you're interested in joining.



Character Name DeathByRNG
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Hello, can i join?


Character Name Menso
Main Character -
# 5
On: 2020-09-14 12:20, by Menso

Hello, can i join?

Hey Menso, sure thing. I can't figure out how to pm on here, but do you have a discord name I can reach you at?


Character Name DeathByRNG
Main Character -
# 7

can i join?


Character Name YuJun
Main Character -
# 8

Still recruiting?


Character Name Atheet
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