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Greetings Adventurers,


Welcome to the Official Black Desert Console Forum, where you can chat freely with friendly players and Pearl Abyss staff about:


You can even share your artistic side with:


The Forum also enables us to retain important information from players in regard to possible pending issues and suggestions. Please remember while visiting with us in the forum to remain kind and courteous to others and stay on topic. When chatting with others about non-Black Desert related subjects, please head to the Off Topic” channel of the forum.


If you are looking to make new friends, join a guild, or recruit for your own, hop over to the “Guilds and Friends” channel. Just remember not to spam so we can keep the channel as tidy as possible and give everyone a fair chance for their post to be seen.


Thanks for reading, we look forward to spending time with you! Before you go, please take a look at the following rules and expectations to better understand optimal conduct in our forums:




  • Be respectful to all users and staff regardless of gender, race, orientation, or religion.
  • Follow the directions of Pearl Abyss staff.
  • Post content in the correct channels.
  • Don't use excessive, extreme, or inappropriate language.
  • If you have an issue with specific users, please DM Pearl Abyss Staff.
  • Don't “dox” or post any personal/private information that belongs to you or another user in a server channel.
  • Don't witch-hunt/Name & Shame.
  • Don't post explicit or lewd content. Strive to keep things “PG-13”.
  • Don’t Instigate arguments and drama.
  • If you have an in-game issue, please send a ticket to Support.
  • If you are aware of any exploits, or hacking please report them to Pearl Abyss Staff via DM. Do not post it in the Forum channels as this may disrupt game service.
  • Don't impersonate Pearl Abyss Staff, or other forum members (Via nickname, etc.)



Failure to abide by the rules shown above may be met with one of the following:

  • Post/Comment Deleted - Restriction on Posting (1 Day)
  • Post/Comment Deleted - Restriction on Posting (3 Days)
  • Post/Comment Deleted - Restriction on Posting (7 Days)
  • Post/Comment Deleted - Permanent Restriction on Website Posting Privileges
  • Permanent Restriction on Website Posting Privileges - Permanent Restriction for Game Services


*Please note that Pearl Abyss Staff and Community Supporters may bypass 1 or more of the above methods if the offense is severe or disruptive to the entire server.


For all other inquiry's please review our operational policy: [LINK]


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The post was deleted.
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Good to have the update come through on NA PS4 overbite.

First question should we expect intermittent delays in future ?.


Next question since we have Crows Nest related quests and pit of the undying should we look forward to the Great Ocean Expedition expansion and Bartering on Console within the next two updates ?.

Is it time to start using contribution points to connect islands maybe ?.


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Edit Date : 07.09.2020

Lol .

We are in the Great Ocean Content now.

So currently I'm get those trade islands connected between Illyana and lima.

I have 3 cP now that could connect up to Tinbarra.

Having one of the quest on Crows nest incomplete now puts Crows Nest visible on my map .

I'm tempted to leave it undone and work on getting more CP..

I've got about 330 CP and 359 energy.


I may have 2 sailboats soon.

Thinkinking about coordinating two alts on two Sailboats .

Any good ideas I could apply that way. ?

Pardon me if  this is wrong place for Conversation.

I can move it easy .



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Edit Date : 31.03.2021

Server: NA


Character: Linwoodking


1. Warrior

2. Nova

3. Wizard

4. Ranger

5. Berserker


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