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Improve Character movement for better gameplay
Hellhound 2020-09-07 13:44
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I'm sure someone already created a post about this but since i couldn't find it im making one. I know this game was primarily for PC but that doesn't mean console players should be limited to what we can do with our class. Since PC has mouse movement can Console Players have a similar function using the left stick so our charcter moves in the direction we pull the stick (no upon intended) with certain skills ? 


Example : Wizards using teleport or Berserkers using their Sprint ability ? I know it might take time to develop but if the Dev team could at least start working on it it would greatly increase the gameplay quality of the game. Console is already limited by fps and there is nothing we can do about that but implementing a mechaninc like this should at least be considered. 


Another request give all the class that have a forward dash another input that double tab forward on the stick. Its kinda ridicoulous you guys havent given an input to it like L2+forward or LT+forward. Some classes like Tamer ,Sorceress ,Witch and Wizards dont dash forward very often because of this double tab forward stick mechanic, its very and inconsitent and if PC can bind it then you guys should give console another alternative. ( Change it to L2+Forward or LT+Forward) . 


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