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Two Sailboats any Advantage ?
Things2doo 2020-09-07 17:45
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We are in the Great Ocean Content now on PS4 Console.


So currently I'm get those trade islands connected between Illyana and lima.

I have 3 unused  CP now that could connect up to Tinbarra.

Having one of the quest on Crows nest incomplete now puts Crows Nest visible on my map .

I'm tempted to leave it undone and work on getting more CP..

I've got about 330 CP and 359 energy.


I may have 2 sailboats soon.

Thinking about coordinating two alts on two Sailboats on opposite end s of ocean . Each Doing different routes and meeting in middle . Using storage at Iilyana and Port Ratt ?

Any good ideas I could apply that way. ?


Trying to save time and make $ of course.

That's my goal for Bartering .

Trying to get a real good strategy.

I'm no farmer .

Bartering may be my way to big $$.



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Unless you're wasting money on travellers maps every trip, you'd still need to sail your ratt char back to ratt again. So i'm not seeing how you'd be saving any time using 2 over 1 as you're basically covering the same distances just split between 2 chars with the addition of added time between char swaps. Might be different when barter comes, I don't know.



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As I understand the trade area for bartering extends to the Harbor Town near Valencia City .there is a wide area that could be divided in two .

Of course I'm tottaly talking about how this might be useful for Bartering on console upcoming.

I'm considering what may work besides a very precise order of movent with one ship.

The basic idea as I understand  the whole process to gather from different island and swap items  from lower tier to a higher tier gain money as you go but there is a time restriction per each day.


I think the puzzler is how to coordinate an exchange of items between the two ships if you go with that.


That's why I'm mentioning the storage  options .

Having Multiple maids would be important as well.

Thanks for your Responce and thoughts.


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