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[NA]Wisdom(PS4/Xbox) Day 1 PVX, Max Buffs, Garmoth
Drestat 2020-09-12 16:49
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Wisdom is a mature 18+ PVX Community [NA](PS4/Xbox] We are a day 1 guild that consists of level headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and playing the game with others. Welcome to hang out with us and share/receive some knowledge! We are a very friendly and highly knowledgable team and have all passive guild skills mastered. We do a few weekly guild events, Discord VC parties (XBOX/PS4), have a guild Galley and do Garmoth. No GS requirements (Im 560gs) as long as youre 18+ and join our discord!


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To Wisdom!

Hootie Hoot!


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The post was deleted.
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EDIT! New description!


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Excellent Group! Very welcoming and tons of helpful players


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# 10

We now have a Guid Galley! :D and about to start working on the Guild Elephant!


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