Defeating the Velia Navy
JustAGuy 2020-09-15 15:31
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Edit Date : 15.09.2020

The Velia Navy, player ships and boats so thick you can walk out to Luivano Island. Heading out in a smaller boat is flying blind for the first few minutes. It looks like the Persians invading Greece with 1000 ships.


Problem: It makes Velia a Rendering Lag Spot that rivals Heidel at 5Pm PST in NA servers during a new event with a quest giver after an expansion that brings players back who are AFK Auto Pathing 1,000 wagons up and down main street.


Solution: If a Player boat/ship is within a certain radius from a Warf manager and does not move for 2 hours it is auto-docked. 


People are too lazy to dock their ships, so do it for them.

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Edit Date : 22.10.2020

Thank you for the suggestion! I will add it to my report today! :)

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