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Strykon 2020-09-19 20:29
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Ok so i dont know what went through \whoevers head that created the quest Identity of the Thing: [Valencia] A Question. If youre not familiar with this you need to go through a bullshit senquence where you need to kill gahaz bandits surrounding these floating dragon statues or whatever, which is hell in and of itself becuase the enemies will respawn and attack you causing you to not be able to talk to the statues and having to go through a whole extra round of killing enemies. Another issue is the elites. they surround each and every objective you need to go to in order to complete the quest. They have too much health and damage to deal with even with a tri kzarka blade and all duo accessories. So once you get past all of that somehow, you need to accept a quest from some idiot black dragon that is abosulutely and completely surrounded by gahaz bandits and an elite. once you manage to kill the bandits you still need to somehow avoid or kill the elite mob which requires perfect gameplay to not get stunlocked into oblivion. Once you're actually able to talk to the fucking dragon you have to go through so much dialogue that not even spamming the skip button saves you from being attacked and unable to accept the quest at all. WHAT IS THIS?????


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Just kill them... yeah kinda annoying but if you are having such a hard time with an area then you probably shouldn't be there tbh. Gear up/ level up or ask someone to kill them for you. Gahaz is kinda a low gs zone compared to most.


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Hazy's Response is exactly what one would expect from the NA community. No real understanding of how the quest functions, probably only played it once over a year ago, nor any consideration of when the player in online and situation with getting help. It's always the same response and its the primary reason the NA Console game community is a toxic wasteland and the blemish on the World Wide  BDC Community. Its simply a little more polite "GET GOOD SCRUB" and Yes, I have played on the EU Servers and No they are not toxic like NA.


The real issue;

This quest was impacted when they shortened the respawn times which was not accounted for, PA Devs need to simply need to adjust the dialogue steps so there is not so many click screens to accomidate the faster enemy respawns. Its a unintended side effect of a change they made to help with performance (reducing mob density increasing respawn rates). Most people do just get help to finish it or get lucky that they can follow someone through the quest. Yet many get stuck for long periods in the off peak hours when asking for help is met with the same response (not always but more often than not) "GET GOOD SCRIB" as the only replies in chat.


So there is an issue and an easy fix. No reflexive toxic forum warrior response required.


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Lmao never said to get good. Just said to take time in lower zone to get gearand level, like everyone else had to do at first. And I play every day. 604gs musa and have run that quest more then youve prob played the entire game. We used to run it daily for advise from valks rewards before they changed it. Sorry you can't find people to help. Maybe if you were a nicer person you might have friends or guild that would help you out. And for toxicity.. look in the mirror bud. GL.


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604 GS and I dont have a problem.


Do I really need to point out you are oblivious to what new players experience in the game?


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Just because a quest takes you into a zone. Dosnt mean you are ready for that zone. WOW and other mmos like it often push you into new zones too early. Requiring you to go back and grind. I wasn't 604 when I first did it, I doubt I had any boss gear at the time ether. And yes its a pain in the butt. But thats the game. Its not ment to just walk on through everything. Ask world/ server chat for help or guild. All of which are available to new players. And so is grinding/ money making. 


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I did this several times without killing things just to test this out last year. Repop and elites were not an issue.


Agro things. Leash. Dash teleport back. Hit chat a few times before things run over.



This post is toxic in itself. Its bound to get negative reactions



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When I was starting that quest I had to have help specifically help on the Gahaz shadow they need to correct the quest to Co-Op.   yes now one year in the game I can do it very easily but at first it was very difficult and I needed assistance from another player.


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Original Post if one wanted to actuallty read it "with even with a tri kzarka blade and all duo accessories."


The guy is not undergeared. So first commentor did not read the OP. Second Commentor called him on it, albeit very rudely.


The quest has an actual mechanical issue that was pointed out, if anyone bothered to actually read entire posts.


Defending it and the unintended consequences of changing a game mechanic with the catch all "you aint good enough" or "you aint geared enough" seems to be how people respond to everything around this forum.


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Look im in the same boat as hazy where I am high gear score but has done this quest a lot on many alts for the advise of valks. The difference is, most of the time I like to play alone so playing on those ults against that mob alone I know how you feel. The trick to it is just to spend all your time on the elite (you can survive if you have enough pots and it helps if you know how to dodge on your class) then just don't kill any of the other mobs after its dead and once you're sure they all respawned, kill them all. The elite has a much higher respawn time so you should be fine to wait. Also when I do this I usually have around 120-150 ap so having that zarka you should be able to do it much easier.


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