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Meawha 2020-10-13 13:28
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My story in Black Desert only begins when a friend recommended the game to me. At first I didn't even know how the game works because Black Desert is not at all beginner friendly. so I started to watch lets plays to get better information, tips and tricks.


After a while, I understood the point of the game. The game is very extensive from story to normal PVE and PVP. I invest hours in the game and so far it's not even close to boring, there is always something to do in the MMO. But there were also many times that frustrated me, such as when you wanted to go from TET to PEN.


As a beginner, I spammed to get one step higher. My weapon or armor was therefore junk because I was so stupid and sold my memory fragments xD. That was very unfortunate and now I have understood it and know how it works. Then the world bosses come. So far, I've really gotten the last bit of crap, but it still prevents me from defeating them and then praying that you get something good. PVP is also fun when you know how to play each class. There I also had fun and ups and downs.


I can only say that the game is my love in my free time outside of the family. You make a great game even if there are a few mistakes in the game, but you still offer so much for the community! I hope the game lasts a long time, thanks for reading!


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