Guild Recruitment
Come purge with us
Juin 2020-11-03 05:23
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PvX Guild

flag_us NA

muscle Large Guild


 Friendly Atmosphere. 

 Plvling Groups

Daily Pila Fe Scrolls

Garmoth (Saturday) 9pm sharp

 Daily group grinding

 24/7 activity

Daily Guild Missions

Maxed Guild Skills & Buffs 

Tree Groups

ocean Sea Monster Hunting 

☠ Red Players Welcomed

⚔ Weekly BA Training Sessions 

⚔ Red Battle Field

⚔ Plans For Nodewars

🕹Cross Play Friendly

Active Discord




fire 500+ Witchards,Succ Rangers,Strikers,Archers,Valkyries,Beserkers


 Adults (18+)

fire TeamWork


The Purge Will Now Commence.


Character Name Juin
Main Character -
FeedbackTopicCome purge with us

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