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Nacario 2020-11-13 07:35
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Hey, new player that may be starting bdo when i get my xsx. Got some random questions if you could spare the time. Having played bdo in the past i want to make sound cash shop decisions come future. What r ur opinion about the game bundles value, im tempted for the 99 euro one however im guessing itll b on sale come black friday, has it ever been before? I like how it has some pets and the VP value.

If i remember correctly u get 3+ pets from questline so my prio should be weight, and tent with the bundle cash shop discount coupon? Leaning towards wiz for more overal startup friendly experience, tho hash looks tempting as well (tho looks pot heavy where a t4 v-pot skill fairy would b preferable, tho again i dont intend to cash shop it with juice this time around). Any feedback on succ wiz or hash pick is mostly appreciated!

Im guessing the top 20% are with pen weps and armor? Before i quit i remember lifeskilling was quite good compared to grinding, however with 0 energy cp n generally not that much will to lifeskill (tho may wanna pick up something for afk, idk about fishing as i cba buying 192 inventory). I guess what Im getting at, is it viable to get to aakman level stats and just grind and buy tet gear from marketplace? Or do we have seasonal servers yet which would b better to focus on for a newbie like me?

Anything u can throw at me I'm grateful for!


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Hope you joined the player base on XsX and if so, welcome!


All packs are currently on sale and are worth the money even if you pay full price, you could even buy all three atm for less than the conqueror edition at full price and have several pets, horses, value packs etc for a really good start in the game!


Grinding is good silver, but so are life skills and both need their own investments as you stated!


The game has Naru gear now and also Cliff weapons but I’m not sure if the latter are for returning players or also for new entrants, either way, with things like Naru, Dim and other welfare pieces, getting to and grinding all the way to bashim basin is easily done and questing through Valencia for the Valks and higher grade weapon/armour stones should see you hit full Tri very quickly with having previous knowledge and that will get you grinding gahas, polly, crescent and fogun easily!


Silver easy to get now and all I will suggest is doing the black spirit questline to Valencia and then the adventure log as soon as available for the CP, knowledge, energy and stats you will obtain from doing those, add to that agrid fever, a +1 to enhancing and also the 100fs, once that’s done carry on through bs quest all the way to Duvencrune and your set for more energy, knowledge and more welfare accessories for back ups DUO to TET with having 10-12ap and 7 acc on each piece!


Send me a message if you want a friendly guild to start with and its ok if you move to another guild once geared, I like to help new players as it gets me enjoyment from smacking the lower area PvP bullies!

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Can you pls help be on how to open the Event Winter Bearing Egg. Have no idea what todo.



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