Greatest Legacy: #B2RBF
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Long ago, before energies and matter combined and the universes of Xbox and PlayStation merged.....


Barely able to hold his blade proper, but having been taught the values the Shai hold so dear, Kaniso ventures into the vast continent.


Cities tower above trees, walls block mountain and rain floods the rivers. It's a sight you do not see in the desert. Each stone holds tale of wars past. On key travel points, Guild Fortresses dress a spectacle for your eyes to lay attention to. 

These lands are not new, but the majesty is never old.


Days and days of adventure pass, experience and knowledge are gained. 

Finally awakened and focused, Kaniso ventures to Mediah, the country of crucial pass. Altinova is the capital and it's Head Figure is certainly no King nor Prince nor Capitalist. @Deve , the one who can truly store your Worries.


Day in and out, the Christmas music plays and the children laugh. Until that moment.


Kaniso has an idea and rushes to Balenos. Velia is their port capital, they have open waters and a growing economy. The boat to the Castle Ruins over flows with contestants, but it was chaotic and even ruthless. Dare I say it was worse than the Anarchy that is Arsha.


"YEEEE HAAAAW! Let's put a bull in the ring and cause a commotion!" He announces. #B2RBF began.


With no sympathy for the weak, he is beaten down and battered. Each day he is blocked and spat on. 

But the attraction grows! People notice a rule guideline posted at dock :



NO Going into Safe Zone

Allow Time to Render Graphics

Buy Elixirs, they taste great!


A few weeks in @Revix seems helplessly trapped in a cage. Ally or Not Kaniso does not faulter and rushes to aid them. No sooner than that 2 more allies show up, @Revix smiles a deep meaningful smile and his whole team ambushes them.

Black Desert Army won the round without contest.


Realising how close to death we come each time, Kaniso begins to fund the Shai Brigade. Low on silver, it did not matter, this Brigade saves the Champions and Cowdets from sudden death and inact emergency care. One would say they give you a special @KindKare you would receive nowhere else.


"#B2RBF Half Time: YEEEE HAAAAW! Black Desert Army has this match in the barrel! Leading 665 - 201..." a blood drenched Shai with a dagger and hands covered red comes in happy and hopping, but alone.


Over the rest of the match this Shai lays waste to anyone that looks like they have no family. They get a kick out of this. They smell of Arsha and sin.


After the match Kaniso follows the Shai to shore for introductions.


@Epsuna : " Aye, you look a little lost.. Why don't you follo..."

Kaniso explains the details, he needs someone to help call out MVPs and organize the scoreboards.


As Time goes in Champions take seat in #B2RBF

@Revix @Rezxii @Hylee_UwU @Xunnah_Hannah @Rin_Chan @YamiJ @Sagitarius @Killakroc @Dr_Maya @KindKare @Epsuna @MMO

@DBZ and so many more.


But beyond the curtain of #B2RBF was a scheme. A Shadow Government has been formed. No one comes into Balenos without them knowing.


The Legends of @Eagle and the exploits of @Oreios had set the standard.


If you spit on an Orphan, you got sent to Arsha. If you flagged on a new citizen and stole their spot, you were sent to Arsha. If you made trouble, you were sent to Arsha. If you stabbed an orphan with your cult following you (@Epsuna) you just somehow ended up in Pila Ku Jail.


But then, on that eventful week, everything came to a halt. A massive collision with the two universes had caused so much instability.


Kaniso did not have enough, he was not enough. We needed More. Kaniso, once again, set on a journey beyond the sands to return stronger than ever, with help....


This is the short tale of #B2RBF. More content can be found in the forums searching that hashtag in General.

Character Name Kaniso
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Want to be a faster Musa?


I use everything available to swap in an out. I use my pre awakened almost all the time so I can use Rising Storm. This gives me Super Armor for 20seconds and is super important for PvP. It prevents stagger lock, which is not as much a big deal in PvE. 
I use Any Direction + Triangle or Equivalent to C. Swap, however you have a few quick slots that can work. I do not use Awakened as a primary unless I have to get up in someone's face and keep their attention, while me team does the rest, I usually have low points in RBF.

I maintain very high agility through muscle memory and spinning my camera, as this is the KEY DIFFERENCE between KEYBOARD and CONTROLLER PAD interfaces.

 To use an alchemy stone, equip it, goto skill ring menu > menus > equip [use alchemy stone]
Put Instant Pots on your Fairy and use Normal for what you activate. 

Character Name Kaniso
Main Character -
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