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MarcoDrake 2020-12-28 08:13
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About the Marino Farm

By Marco Drake


Landlot loaned by Marco Faust(King Kaplan)


So I finally finished my Setup in Balenos Terroritory in-game, but it costed me multiple deaths.(maybe in real time too because of White Princess is the fault or cause of those assassination)


Once upon a time there where three brothers who played an adventure. They went to Monsterling's Palace an asked if the King would lend them land. An so the King promised but as long as the three had not sinned. In the end King Keplan found two hand maidens Flory and Tina. An now two warriors were born, that being said PS4's Warrior and PC's Warrior were wounded leaving behind a rupture in their hearts. Th black haired Warrior of the PS4 wanted revenge along with PC's Yellow Haired Warrior. So they targeted the Red Haired Warraor of the Phone. The X-Box Warrior was not a warrior but Princess Valkyire. An so the evil plot about revenge was brought upon the wrong man.


So when King Keplan was caught disturbing the Peace, King Calpheon sent a messenger to thwart their plot. An so King Keplan was forced with a choice. But rumor they lied and Kurtzpel was born. The story of Beltanos was born an the Red Haired Warrior lost his wife and kids. Starfire the wife the Red Haired Warraor was killed with the betrayal of Beltanos begun. In the end Calpheon did not like this betrayal and the Council of Rounds sent their men to destroy this Mutiny. It happens to be the Red Haired Warraor was born with Royalty Bloodline. Making him being watched as the main character in the Calpheon's Council of Rounds. An so it begun the war with their own people betraying the next heir an abandoning the culture of their kingdom born from this child the rebirth and death of their Rightful Heir of Calpheon was a fatal blow to King Mediah (also known as King Charles Charlemagne). It was just like how "David Ergoth" his Left Hand Man of King Charles Charlemagne was slaughtered by his own people in cold blood mutiny.


Now Hamlet stands before the lineage of King Charles Charlemagne as the next heir in line, but after his younger sibling's death. Hamlet was left with a deadly challenge the fall of his own dominion. The Left Hand Mutiny of David Ergoth.


Anyways I am going to chill with some arrowana an equip those fish with marksman raifles.


Sincerely Marco Drake(I died for this an now suffer in Happily Ever After Laughter)


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