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BloodNight 2021-01-23 03:43
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yeah hi I have a friend who bought the game and I'd like to know if you're ever going to remove region lock because it's probably the stupidest function in history and the person who came up with it really ain't got much up in their head it's kind of dumb that I got a lot of friends who want to play this game from different countries and nobody can get together because of a region lock I think it's pretty retarded that you locking people out of the of the game from countries when the game should be based worldwide instead of being locked a lot of people complain cuz they want to join guilds and friends and they can't do anything because of what you guys are doing


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With PS4, I'm from Australia and its hardlocked to EU servers on launch. They said back in 2019 that they were going to fix it, but there has been no news about it. I specifically bought a PS4 yesterday and the Prestige edition, hoping that i could choose which region and now i'm regretting my choice.

I have played bdo on PC for 2 years and spent countless amounts of $ and hours into the game and this is how the console version treats it's players? It's appalling to say the least.

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