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As the developers know the game for a lot of classes are based around FPS.  Can we please get a statement on why ps5 users have 60fps, while series x can go up to 120?  This seems completely unfair for one side of your community.  Since dps tied to FPS fix not coming soon especially to console.  Can you please explain why ps5 is the weaker machine.  Also can you please setup a cross save feature.  I don't want to play on my ps5 anymore and switch to series x.  Thanks 


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Prob because there is no PS5 version. It's just the PS4 version on PS5. The PS4 is locked to 60 FPS and besides the point most console players can't even play above 60 unless you're playing on a monitor - which isn't most people 


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Just a correction the Xbox doesn't have its own updated client.  It runs backwards compatible just the same as ps5.  The 60hrz screen is not a rebuttals to the question of the fairness of having one console far out perform another.  Just a FYI you can feel the smoothness of 120fps on a 60hrz tv.  That has been proven by shroud 


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I would suggest using the internet to search the specifics on the reasons why, as this problem isn’t on PA but Sony. 


 I can however say with certainty that there is a firmware update in March heading to the PS5 for its hardware issues pertaining to a problem with the 120fps feature so maybe that’s a factor?


 and also say with certainty that Microsoft built the XSS/X with backwards compatibility in mind and not just shoe horned in to appease the crowd and marketed as such/main selling point; so most of the library on all Xbox generation  games will upscale, but sadly, only certain PS4 titles will benefit from higher FPS and the rest will just run better/smoother as per article I’ve read back in November.


Sorry for the extra info but I’m just reiterating from said articles to give more context and the reason why not all PS4 games have the option for 120fps as it’s a PS4 title as previously mentioned runs up to 60fps but this doesn’t mean the PS4 was built to cater 120fps for its back library, whereas Microsoft did!!!

 However there is a list for the 120fps titles from what I recall, but as mentioned earlier, search the internet for greater understanding!


Yes, you can play 120fps on a TV but the TV needs to support it and you also need the higher quality HDMI cable to do so and on top of that, configure the PS5 and the TV to do so, it’s not a simple plug and play as I’ve had to do the same for Xbox, you do not need a monitor, just a compatible TV!

The firmware update in March is to address the issue with TV support problems!


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