I have a little doubt on xbox series
Myahra 2021-04-11 17:31
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I was considering going to xbox... my doubt are two:

1) The "Quick resume" thing. I do lifeskill a lot, and have two children in my house. If I was playing BDO and they want to play minecraft or anything online, if I put BDO in quick resume and open the game for them, it will continue my char at BDO doing something they were doing, like fishing?

2) The controller. I always was a PS gamer since PS1. My afraid is that I can't get use of the analogic switchers are one up and one down. Someone who passed from PS to XBOX can answer me if it too harsh to get used to it? 


Thanks 4 anyone who reads it and to anyone who answers it =D

Good game 4 all!

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1. Quick resume will not work with BDO as the games that use the feature are essentially paused and that can be said for any online multiplayer game, games that do work tend to be those with a single player campaign or story mode. However, If you children wanted to play and then wanted to do something else, you could pause their game and play BDO and return later to quick resume.


2. In regards to the controller, I would say with only ever playing on a PS controller that switching to Xbox would have muscle memory issues but nothing that would hinder game play!

Basically, if you switched to Xbox and used the controller for the next few years and then picked up a PS controller it would feel like second nature and can be compared to the saying “you never forget how to ride a bike”, so switching to Xbox is basically like your learning something new and due to the similarity with both controllers and the button configurations, muscle memory usually cements itself within a month!


The quick answer is probably not, but if so, it would just feel weird at first!


I have owned all the gaming consoles over the last forty plus years I’ve gamed and yes, initially, it just feels weird.


Personally I would suggest just buying a second machine for your children and if your using the same TV for whatever reason, a HDMI splitter can be used or simply using another HDMI port in the TV and switching between the two has the same effect as what your looking for, albeit the game not played is actually still running in the back ground, but, you would have to configure either console to not shut down or go into sleep mode or standby if left!


Hope this helps 👍🏻


If you do do decide to jump on Xbox, my Gamertag is JJIBIIIS, I’m 49 with six children so just add me with a message regarding this reference so I know to not just reject 😁


Good Gaming and Peace!

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Controller switching isn't bad but if you like analog position on ps then you can get the ASTRO xbox controller it let's you swap the analog and buttons around. And no quick resume will just start up the game a little quicker but it will log you out of online games

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