120fps on PS5
Benjamin8 2021-04-14 15:49
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I think it's about time PS5 players got a better deal. PS5 has just received a new update with several improvements, so I hope it is the necessary pretext for them to add 120fps in BDO for PS5.


I hope you have planned to do this, many communities hope that it will.



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Working on 120FPS is a huge waste compared to all Tver other things they could do. I highly doubt this game would run with any decent graphical fidelity above 1080p at 120FPS...


Besides that, most gamers play on TVs and most TVs do not go above 60hz so 120FPS would benefit a very select and small group of people playing on gaming monitors and incredibly expensive TVs.


Game would be best with simply unlocking the 30FPS cap on "4K" to begin with .

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All information is readily available on the WWW so I would suggest taking a browse for further clarification and understanding as to why PS4 games won’t play at 120fps unless specifically developed to do so and also why most Xbox games only need a patch due to Microsoft dev kits have been able to support 120fps for more than a decade and therefore future proofing games for next gen consoles! 

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120fps are useless. If ur in a town,nw,sw ur fps will always drop deep below 60fps. Only at some grinding spots u can constantly hold 120fps. But hey, waste ur money for a 120fps tv.

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En: 2021-06-01 12:28, por SamFist

120 fps son inútiles. Si estás en una ciudad, nw, sw ur fps siempre caerá profundamente por debajo de 60 fps. Solo en algunos puntos de molienda puede mantener constantemente 120 fps. Pero oye, gasta tu dinero en un televisor de 120 fps.


wait .... first we have to have a monitor / tv with 120hz support to demand 120fps on PS5? ... well, your logic is on another level. Bro, I have a Sony x90h and an Asus Tuf, and I know why I'm asking you to add 120fps on ps5.

If you don't know, better limit yourself to comment, you don't contribute anything xD

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Yes please! Give us proper PS5 update with different graphical options like 1080p/120fps and 4k/60fps.

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On: 2021-07-05 19:34, by Galeplay

Yes please! Give us proper PS5 update with different graphical options like 1080p/120fps and 4k/60fps.

These people are not interested in the community on PS5

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Xbox for the win

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