De-sync is off the chart
Lancia 2021-06-23 19:10
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Edit Date : 23.06.2021

I've been playing quite a bit more than usual since the ocean update and I have been plagued with de-sync issues on the boat.  It is not unusal for it to take 45m-1hr to sail from Epheria to Veila...something that should take about 15 min max.  The problem is I de-sync litterally every 30 seconds.  A new problem I am now seeing is that sometimes when I come back my right stick is no longer responds.  The only way to get it back is to disconnect and exit the game.  If I had an original xbox or an x this would be so painful as I would spend more time on the loading screen than in game.


I have only seen this be a big problem on boats and wagons and I don't ever see this on PC.  I also see this happen immediately after I open world map or inventory.  It appears as if it happens when a load of data is being requested.  Perhaps allow us on console to turn off ALL notifications.  This includes my worker production.  I don't need to see 50,000 messages about flax, potatoes, ore, etc.  I also don't need to see XxxxStabYourFacexxxX fail PEN enhancement 50 times.  Let us turn all of this off.  Maybe this will help?

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Edit Date : 07.07.2021

I made videos all last night of my de-sync.  Every time I tried to move on the sea.  The game was completely unplayable last night for me.  I tried switching servers.  No matter.  I ran the xbox network tests, 1000MBps down, 35 up, 0 latency.  I ran separate speed tests on PCs in my house same results.

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