Freeze doing quest/killing mobs
Coren 2021-06-23 20:05
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Hi, I have a problem, and I hope you can help me. ( sorry for my using a translator )
Is there someone who suffers from freezing every time he kills a mob in a quest that asks him to kill a certain number of them? For example in this new mission to kill 2000 mobs to get the quest item. I used to play on ps4 and thought it was my fault, but now I have the ps5 and it's still the same. I also play with HDR, and play 1080/60 FPS although I think that is not the problem. The fact is that, every time a quest asks me to kill X mobs (like the quest for library books), I upload a small freeze for each mob I kill. I have removed the chat, the loot messages ... everything. And it remains the same. I am not able to find any information about this problem on the internet.


by the way, I always go very smooth at a stable 60 fps when I'm not doing a mission to kill X mobs. Knowing that I am not the only one with this problem would be a comfort.

Thanks in advance, regards

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freezing/stutter during big mob killing quests has been a problem since release. this has been addressed by CMs
a workaround is to cancel auto path and other resource-intensive tasks

hdr in ps5 is not working properly this has been addressed by the CMs, no plans to fix it nor release the ps5 version.
a workaround is to disable hdr5

I also play on ps5 and there are no smooth 60fps anywhere, especially during combat

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why do you say "cancel auto path and other resource-intensive tasks" ??
I don't understand what this has to do with the problem. I have disabled everything, from settings and removed everything from the UI. I still have those 0.2 sec of freeze per mob. I don't think it's a question of console resources. I thought that in Ps4 yes, but in Ps5? it is impossible
I have switched from Ps4 to PS5 and still have the same problem. So I understand that it is not a problem with the console, but with the game. But I don't know if someone else has this same problem like me. Someone once told me that it only happened when he used a specific character. The truth that I have not tested with my archer. How maddening


thanks for your answer

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