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I have been thinking, what if a third skill line in addition to Awakened were added called the Divine skill line.

I have been playing as Sage (who I absolutely love) and I was thinking, what if he had another skill line revolving around Rux's engineering skills? A skill line allowing for him to summon a specialized Ancient construct and temporarily summon smaller constructs as attacks. Like summoning some sort of Ancient Eye or a large Kyve that shoots out beams of fire, electricity, or light at enemies.

I was also thinking that he could have a more custom construct that teleports to him when the skill line is active and fights with him.

As well, for the quest, I was thinking that we could encounter Rux's backup for himself. After all, it seems somewhat unlikely that he would not plan for his lab being assaulted or something, and perhaps what happened to his lab and stronghold with his black stone being stolen could have happened to the backup.

Perhaps as part of the quest we could be required to collect rare parts at Ancient sites and craft the custom construct.

I was also thinking as part of each character's Divine quest line, that they could encounter a god that corresponds to them and be asked to help them with something. So, perhaps Wizard and Witch could encounter gods of magic and help them with something.

For Sage, I was thinking that he could perhaps be approached by a god of crafting who needs their help recovering something of theirs that is trapped in the Ancient past. As Sage is something of an expert in time and space magic and an engineer, it would make sense that said god might enlist them in this project. I was thinking that as a part of that, the god could have Sage track down either a prototype of their kyve with a copy of "Rux" still inside of it so that Sage can recover their memories of their life as Rux and better assist with the project.

Then after collecting certain parts to create a time bridge, Sage goes back in time to collect the lost project. Which perhaps could be a revolutionary improvement on the fundamentals of Ancient technology revolving around magic pathways and energy generation that was built into a massive construct that Sage ends up needing to fight and recover the core of.
As far as aesthetics go, I was thinking that the construct could look like other Ancient constructs, but be made out of metal and have golden glowing runes flowing across it.

After returning to the present, I was thinking that the god could share some of what was recovered and allow for Sage to create a smaller scale copy of the construct that they just fought.

I was thinking that the construct could be humanoid from the waist up and float in the air without legs (less to bother with in development). I was also thinking that all of its parts could float separated from each other like many other Ancient constructs and such, but be made out of metal instead of stone with all of the parts floating around a metal orb with glowing runes.

As far as the mechanics go, I was thinking that abilities could operate like a cross between main and awakening abilities. Where you use the Kyve as your actual weapon and the construct essentially takes over some abilities. Basically, he would have many of the same abilities, but more ranged versions of some of his more close rage abilities as Sage would be directing the construct to do them. As well, I was thinking that abilities could be laced with things like elemental damage and whatnot from the construct. Of course, along with several new abilities in place of the Succession Prime abilities.

Perhaps one slot able ability could be the construct forming armor around Sage and offer a damage and defense buff.

Perhaps another could be having the construct heal the most badly damaged player within 50ft or something, or heal Sage.

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