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Remy 2021-07-05 13:45
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Hello there,


as some of you may know currently on ps5 there are 2 ways to play the game, either in 1080p/60fps and 4k/30fps.


If we were to get a 4k/60fps option it would've been here by now. The game on the other hand isn't the lightest out there to run, so unless we're (ps5, series x and series s) getting a patch with drs (dynamic resolution scaling) chances are we are not going to get a 4k/60fps patch (anytime) soon..

Recently games like ESO and ff xiv have gotten an upgrade patch where they went another way to it. Players are given the option to play the game at 1080p, 1440p and 4k. Even these games run at 4k/30fps so I wouldn't be surprised bdo will stay the same. 
However, there is also another option that puts the game with an internal resolution of 1440p AND 60fps. This is the preferred way to play for many gamers giving them the best of 2 worlds, higher res then 1080p and still 60 fps. 

Is there any chance we're getting this as well?


To devs and cm managers: could we please get an option for this as well?

1: the game will look better even fore those with a 4k tv wanting to play at 60 fps.

2: players both on ps and xbox that have a monitor with 1440p will benefit from this since 1080p scales horrible on a 1440p monitor

3: the best of both world: higher res and fps

4: less nagging about 4k/60fps and things around this topic

5: implementing this isn't to hard, it's pretty much a copy paste of the 4k settings, add another toggle to choose 1440p and load the 4k config file with just the resolution and fps cap changed


Thanks in advance!


edit: for those saying ps can't do 1440p that's correct, yet if a game loads as 4k but with an internal resolution of 1440p that works! Think of games like uncharted 4 and the last of us part 2 those are 1440p on ps4 pro and ps5 

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Yes please, give us native PS5 update! I would take such options:

1080p @ 120fps

4K (dynamic)@ 60 fps 

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Wow had no idea the game plays at 30 frames with a 4k .

Since it's that slow tell how disconnects are ?.

Are you doing any PVP ?

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I stopped playing BDO due to the notorious abandonment they have with the people of Playstation, at this time it is more advisable to play Final fantasy XIV or wait for the next MMO Chrono Odyssey. It's been several months and they don't even dare to answer

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Remember when CM managers used to respond to posts saying they were going to send it to the dev team.. still hoping we get a resolution increase (1440p has 77% more pixels then 1080p) while staying at 60fps..

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