Problème endding season
Deadkeny 2021-08-16 16:05
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in first, i'm sorry for my real bad english ;) 

so i'm on Xbox and i have a problem to leave the season server, i can't use my honorable adventurer's certificate, and i don't know why..... 

i have chek all conditions whitch are written on it 

- i try on normal serveur ( serendia balenos florin ect 

- with my season character (obviously xD ) 

- i don t have Time piece, i use it at the start of season 

 - i have quest [season server graduation] into the big wide world 

- i have complete my battle pass And i took all rewards 


but i definitly can t use this item and i have no idea..... so if anyone can help me 


Thank you in advance and sorry again for this uggly english 


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No idea :( ??

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