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Eleven 2021-08-21 20:55
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The loot at Tshira Ruins is very heavy and it filling up the inventory very quickly. So Im suggesting to add to Tshira Ruins at least one NPC merchant to sell him the loot because the way to the nearest NPC is very long and everyone is wasting their  buff,potion's and the scroll's time to reach there.

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Edit Date : 26.08.2021

yep totally agree i used to love this place for grinding xp and trash loot. but the waste of time to travel has put me off i never come back here any more cause of the zero npc to sell to.

to be fair every grind spot should have a npc to sell and repair to.

tshira ruins isn't the only place that is bad to grind at.

This is what is killing me from playing this game any further pve needs to be fixed there is so much useless unnecessary traveling in this game it's a turn off.

yes i know about the tents but why have a expiry dates on them, i know why pay to play model of this game.

i can see why this game is tanking on consoles bad pve idea's and zero endgame pve. and no grinding for trash loot isn't endgame.

there is absolutly no reason to be in a guild except for buffs, guild boss run drops are as useless and the good loot is so down the pecking order it's not worth the time investment to kill garmoth.

this is a pvp game with pve thrown in at the last minute to get buyer's everyone can see that with the amount of bugs and bad idea's to pve.  

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An idea worth the notice and also valid points put to the fore!


Most players with more money than sense would just say buy a pay to win tent and merchant and storage maids and problem solved, potty, it’s why there are hardly any npc at grind spots to sell loot at in the first place!

PvP is end game but that opens another can of worms with balance and lets face it, balancing a game with Gs disparity isn’t in PA toolset or if it is it’s overlooked and again, Gs disparity sells pearls!


Shame really, with a balanced PvP system with a decent TTK and as mentioned with NPC closer to spots to keep the flow of the grind the game would sell pearls anyway, but alas, it’s money first and everything else after!


Playing three years and the last six months has been kzarka PRI-PEN yo-yo, 100-200+ fs, 100-200+ fs and 100-134fs and now gave up, so even the enhancement system sucks and the reason why so many leave or cry balance, the game needs work all round and it’s only seems to be since concidering release that an move on any of the problems have taken place, PC elitist are obviously used to the monotony in work and play without realising the true faults with the game, where as console players like rewards for time spent and enjoying it while doing so!


In a nutshell, the game looks good, the monster bashing is awesome, but the game is a business more than a passion for creating a game and true gamers that want progression and fulfilment for leisure time just notice the number crunching more than the elitist number crunchers!

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