lvl 1-52 DK Pre Awakening Skill Guide
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In this video I talk about every single pre-awakening Dark Knight skill as well as show when I unlock and upgrade new skills while lvling from lvl 1 to 52. Here are the Time Stamps for each skill
- Main Skill Overview -
3:37 Smokey Haze
4:13 Unveiled Dagger
5:29 Air Strike
5:52 Slanted Balance
7:50 lvl8 Hidden Strike
8:54 lvl9 Dark Shadow (Q Block)
9:35 lvl10 Shadow Bullet
10:19 lvl12 Dusk
10:58 lvl14 Pervasive Darkness
11:40 lvl19 Luscious Snare
12:06 lvl20 Kamasylvia Slash
12:48 lvl21 Enforcement
13:26 lvl22 Obsidian Ashes
14:01 lvl25 Corrupt Ground
14:31 lvl26 Wheel of Fortune
15:30 lvl35 Lunacy of Vedir
16:35 lvl42 Nocturne
- Skill Upgrades -
11:35 lvl15 Unveiled Dagger II
12:43 lvl20 Hidden Strike II
13:45 lvl22 Air Strike II
13:48 lvl22 Smokey Haze II
13:51 lvl24 Flow: Termination
15:01 lvl28 Enforcement II
15:05 lvl29 Pervasive Darkness II
15:09 lvl30 Unveiled Dagger III
15:11 lvl30 Corrupt Ground II
15:15 lvl32 Wheel of Fortune II
15:18 lvl32 Kamasylvia Slash II
15:21 lvl33 Hidden Strike III
16:07 lvl36 Corrupt Ground III
16:10 lvl36 Enforcement III
16:22 lvl38 Wheel of Fortune III
16:30 lvl39 Air Strike III
17:09 lvl42 Kamasylvia Slash III
17:13 lvl42 Chain: Dusk
17:19 lvl44 Wheel of Fortune IV
17:32 lvl45 Smokey Haze III
17:32 lvl45 Enforcement IV
17:32 lvl45 Pervasive Darkness III
18:03 lvl51 Ultimate: Enforcement
18:08 lvl52 Kamasylvia Slash IV
18:08 lvl52 Wheel of Fortune V
- Unused Skills -
1:23 Kriegsmesser Training
1:46 Evasion
2:24 Scarring Slash
2:40 Spirit Satiation
3:08 Sudden Attack
5:14 Darkness Burst
6:19 Ravage Rake
6:49 Split Second
7:05 Imperious Command
7:36 lvl7 Vedir's Dogma
11:24 lvl15 Repeated Annihilation

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Nice skillguide im going for DK so this will help me a lot thanks ??

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will DK be a good choice on Xbox.

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And aftwr lvl 52? What should we do? Sorry, im new and i get lost with hte skills

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gonna check that once I am able to...

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If you’re not using main attack or secondary attack skills, which one you use for killing mobs in an area ? 

How have u bind your skills on XBOX controller ? 

Right now I just changed everything cause default was horrible, but the problem is that all combos changed automatically also... =\ 

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This is a great list! Does anyone know if we are able to do single skill resets or only full?

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13 hours ago, Maestru Forseti said:

This is a great list! Does anyone know if we are able to do single skill resets or only full?

Only full right now. Hope we get it sooner or later for single skill reset. Also be aware when you hit lvl56 you can not reset for free anymore only with pearl shop item! So do it before you hit lvl 56!!!

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