Off Topic (PS4 Dedicated)
Murderburg*** 2019-07-30 01:01
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Stream: Twitch.TV/MurderBurger_

Discord: The Burger Factory

Hello everyone! I am a Twitch Affiliate and have been streaming BDO PC daily for around 2 month now. Friendly Laid back community and plan on full-time streaming PS4 BDO! Come throw a follow and say hello!

August 9th will be a 20+ Hour Stream
August 20th will be 24+ Hour stream

Schedule is 8am-3pm EST but on PS4 release i plan on increasing my end time to around 6-8pm. 



Character Name Murderburg***
Main Character -
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Wooooo MurderBurger_ first to beat bdo.... murder murder he's our man if he cant do it im sure anyone can!


Character Name Landogriffin1***
Main Character - (PS4 Dedicated)

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