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Evasion Skill Bug?
He*** 2019-10-06 04:48
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I feel like the evasion skill in pre-awakening is bugged. When you go side to side you eventually start just evading in random directions. It does not look as straight forward as it does on pc. Is this bugged? 


Character Name He***
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Omg yes this has been an issue my bf and I are dealing with, she doesn't go directed where you put and camera facing sucks too.


Character Name melly***
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Thank you for the tag  

I will send this off to the devs today. Make sure to fill out a ticket too under the bug section

CM Valtarra


Character Name CM_Valta***
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..... We are 11 April.... And the problem is still not resolved. Why ? Why Pearl Abyss does not react. No one is playing your class! You add content to players who stop the game! It is useless to tell us to make tickets if nobody listens to the community! This bug is there since the beginning of the class on console and the dodging forward of the Tamer is still as infamous. ..... Nobody, I mean nobody can appreciate the Tamer class like that! Please do something!


Character Name Sen***
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20 June and still no fix ...


Character Name Kyrtoxxul***
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