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Li*** 2019-11-19 14:58
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Dear warrior's,

sadly the class discussion forums are empty.... Hopefully someone can fill this thread to help other warrior's out.

Actually im wearing the following gear:



Helmet: ---> Ultimate Strength Helmet of Heve (TRI)

Armor: -----> Ultimate Strength Armor of Heve (TET)

Gloves: ----> Ultimate Grunil Gloves (TRI)

Shoes: -----> Ultimate Grunil Shoes (TRI)



Mainhand: -------> Kzarka Longsword (TET)

Offhand: ----------> Kutum Shield (TET)

                                ------> Ultimate Vangertz Shield (TRI) to swap for pvp

Awkweapon: ---> Ultimate Mercenary's Greatsword (TET)



Neck: --------> Serap's Necklace (DUO)

Ring: ---------> Red Coral Ring (TRI)

Ring: ---------> Red Coral Ring (TRI)

Earring: -----> Blue Coral Earring (TRI)

Earring: -----> Blue Coral Earring (DUO)

Belt: ----------> Ancient Weapon Core (TRI)


I don't mention the crystals so far cause this depends on everyones own decision. Especially because the BiS crystals are not in game right now.



202 AP / 195 AAP / 291 DP (kutum)

185 AP / 185 AAP / 302 DP (vangertz)


This shouldnt be a thread where everyone is saying: " aahh get bossgear it's better "... Just post your gear and say something about it to give other players an idea what they can build and dont even thought on building like that.


Lookin' forward to some posts (hopefully)


Greets Lip



Character Name Li***
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I could not agree more....I’ve been waiting for the Warrior discussion to blow up into so much info, Completely clearing up every single question, or confusion I’ve had since launch.....

But sadly, it is so dead here(PS4 forums in general) the crickets don't even come here. lol


Gear wise, I’m working on pretty much the same general, though you have snagged Kutuums Shield, and you are at tri minimum across the board, with a damn good start on tet. Very nice.

My armor is still all duo and ultimate.

weapons are TRI.

accessories duo Asulas.

I have some boss gear, not wearing it yet usually...mainly due to still trying to crush shards into em...and my kzarka long sword and Bhegs gloves are +15 & I, but currently at like 30

i just got both in the last couple of days so I have not spent much time at all on them yet. I did manage a pri and duo basi belt today, as well as a pri and duo cres guardian ring.(it was 2 duo rings, for about 10 secs before I hit the button again.) 

‘I would/could be further along, but chose to screw around and get 1 each class as far as awakened, and various other less than optimal side projects....trying to ignore a little longer the brutal enchant/upgrade means, and I tend to wonder off when I see something “shiny” after too long of a time just grinding mobs. 

‘With the lack of info in game, I tend to be confused, lost, or unsure about my future more often than not. I know just guessing or wondering aimlessly, cost me in the rush at launch. Not knowing how the gear and enchants


sorry to babble, I was trying to fill some space and hope it attracted some others to start filling some pages.


GL & Enjoy


Character Name Ke***
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Lipty that warrior works.  I like the red nose armor with healing crystals it's 28 hp per tick it's nice.  Bheg is nice but warrior isn't accuracy dependant, and there is a blue lemoria glove coming out with similar stats


Character Name ludius***
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