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Tamer camera moves when i sidestep
Tubn*** 2019-12-09 05:31
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Hi, I'm on ps4 and have been having an issue with my tamer. Simply holding R1 and moving the left analog stick(evasive attack) my characters camera turns aswell, but holding R2 and moving left analog stick(Heilang: Scratch) my camera doesn't move. It also occurs when I'm holding L2 and moving left analog stick(evasion). I have a couple mates that made tamers and have the same issue, ive searched the web for any people that are experiencing this, but have had no luck. This cannot be a normal? Even in the skill page when you demo the skill, she doesn't move? It's made me not want to play tamer purely for this reason. Anyone experiencing this?

Here's a video of it:

Any help would be appreciated


Character Name Tubn***
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Have the same problem since the start of the class... i main my tamer but the camera issue is a real problem sometimes, cant tell how many times i already died in pvp because i couldnt dodge in the right direction when the camera start to randomly move in the direction you wanna go...

At least the evasion from awakenig is working correctly, but it still screws up sometimes when i wanna avoid something right after changing from awa to normal stance.


Character Name Exi***
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It's good to hear I'm not alone! Thank you for the reply ? hopefully they can address this issue


Character Name Tubn***
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Thank you for the feedback and the video . I have forwarded your info along with info to the devs.


Cm Valtarra


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