DK succession or su*ksesion?
Aj*** 2020-01-16 08:38
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Edit Date : 16.01.2020

As in title - what do you think about it? Did we get a buff? 

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Edit Date : 05.04.2020

Yes we did, at least at how it is performing on PC, it is a clear "buff" in 1v1 situations. Siege wise, I've understood that awakening is better simply for the fact that you have range abilities, but doesn't mean succession can't be used in siege, it'll just require a different mindset and be used as an assassin class. 

PvE wise, for higher end spots, it is a clear winner over awakening in places such as aakman and hysteria, however awakening is still better on lower end grind spots (polly forest, gahaz, fogans etc.) Also succession requires more skill points than awakening, you need a minimum of 1.6k skill points to have a decent build in succession. 

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