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UnderOath ~ PVE/LS ~ NA ~ Console Guild Recruiting
Ex 2022-10-17 13:28
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# 1
Edit Date : 19.10.2022

We are a returning PvE/LS ~ NA ~ Console guild looking for active members to join our community. We welcome all players weather your a seasoned veteran or a new player.


Activity (7 days past an expired contract without notice will result in termination.)
Discord (Must join discord, No exceptions.)


What we have to offer:
Weekly Bosses/Garmoth (Starting Soon)
Daily GM's
Max Passive Buffs
Million Silver Daily Pay (More with exceptions.)
Guild Payouts


Feel free to come ask questions!
Click here to join.

Character Name Ex
Main Character
The post was deleted.
# 3
Edit Date : 04.11.2022

Veteran player here. Been guild less for quite awhile (by choice). Looking to join your guild. Interested in mainly pve/ls and end game content to join with other guildies. NA Xbox, family name XxTripleBeamxX gamer tag is Muffledfart#3112

Character Name TripleBeam
Main Character
FeedbackTopicUnderOath ~ PVE/LS ~ NA ~ Console Guild Recruiting

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