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Looking for a chill PVE guild
BlaidDrwg 2022-11-17 05:38
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# 1
Edit Date : 17.11.2022

I've been playing for a few years. I'm not even close to an expert ob this game but I hold my own. I'm not a all day every day player, but I play quite a bit. I'm looking for a guild of chill, non-judgmental, like minded peeps. I don't want to play with people who feel like this is real life and get upset when somebody screws up or does something wrong. I'm willing to help new players with my knowledge and also love to learn new things about the game. Also it would be awesome if y'all were on xbox. Not super important, but I like to chat now and then.

Family name: BlaidDrwg


Hope to hear from you. 

Character Name BlaidDrwg
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 27.11.2022

Yo I'm on PS4 but it's just two of us me and my boy got discird

Character Name Youngskunk
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 10.12.2022

Hello, Are You Still Looking?


I Am GraceThe Angel From Guild "Unbroken".


We Are A Fairly Small Guild, We Are Also PVE Only.


We Don't Participate In PVP What So Ever.


We Are Very Casual, And Just Enjoy Spending Time/Questing/Fighting Together.


Unfortunately, We Are Mainly PS4. However We Do Use Discord And Have Chat Options Available Through It.


Below Is Our Requirements:


- Online 3 Days Per Week Minimum

- No Toxic Behavior

- No PvP



Hopefully You Will Consider Us And Join Our Family. It's Smal, But We Prefer A Smaller Guild With Nice People, Then A Huge One With Toxic Ones.



Character Name TheAngel
Main Character
The post was deleted.
# 5
Edit Date : 12.01.2023



Is this topic still active, and is it possible to get some more information about the Guild? 

Read about the discord server, is this a place to meet up?


Character Name Shortiej
Main Character
# 6
Edit Date : 12.01.2023

There I plenty of guilds looking for fresh blood, but I can't say what will suit your style.  I have a post you can look at, but I won't press the topic.  I'm usually on every day to collect the daily rewards.  Lately I have been trying to find buddies to game with on Black Desert Online.  Also, just to let you know NA Servers and Playstation Console.

Character Name Jonezy
Main Character
# 7
Edit Date : 13.01.2023

Hi Jonezy, 


I'm from Europe (Netherlands) and all the guilds i see on this forum are for the NA servers. That's the problem...


Was hoping this topic was a EU server guild, not on the NA servers ;) 





Character Name Shortiej
Main Character
FeedbackTopicLooking for a chill PVE guild

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