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All levels welcomed friends we help each otha out
DrHavikRu 2022-01-11 00:11
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# 1
Edit Date : 11.01.2022

Looking for friends to play with truly dive in fully explore what this black desert has to offer even looking for a real guild to belong

add me family clan name is demi_deiu

xbox gamer tag is xxxjusgoofinxxx 

Character Name DrHavikRu
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 27.01.2022

Hey I added you on Xbox. Carey7

Character Name CareyBoy
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 03.04.2022

To whomever it may concern, I Am The Guild leader to the balenos Rebels.


I love this community and I'm looking for like-minded people who love to discuss profits, lifeskilling, and core members of the community that affect it.



My gamertag is crowlow


And too the guild leaders reading this you can always find me on veliarooftops

Character Name Crowlow
Main Character
FeedbackTopicAll levels welcomed friends we help each otha out

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