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Fix overcrowded new content
Ludius 2022-04-06 18:24
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# 1
Edit Date : 06.04.2022

The new content is overcrowded to the point where there is no point in using drop scrolls it's better to just go on arsha and bring a platoon and go into full griefing mode because it's an incredible waste of time with the amount of instances available for the amount of players.  There is no productive grinding going on just constant pvp and a tear sink is a waste of time I will find other things to do besides play BDO (I solo turos just fine). It's just that the overcrowding makes it no fun to play.

Character Name Ludius
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 17.04.2022

I played 5 hours BDO this last week I managed to grind only 200M, mostly from people grudge fighting eachother, the new content is so overcrowded and literally people are cheese zerging everything, "tear spamming" to help them win group fights and then node camping with 1/2 their raid ball, I understand how exiting events can be but this game is starting to resemble DaoC (Dark Age of Camelot), "Mordred" server, where it requires a large dedicated group and I don't have a dedicated group to roll around with me in a more solo focused game and it's really frustrating.


I turned on ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), becuase I have several expansions I haven't gone through and they have a PS5 version, and it's really a good UX design with the new PS5 3D audio it sounds like going to the movie theater sound, and voice overs and and animation are better than BDO until it's remastered.


Usually in game design there is a  segregate pvp and pve zones with the notable exception of Mordred server DAOC, and Darkfall, which are both discontinued games (Darkfall the Greek game is currently been reopened up for PC only but it's very outdated right now since there was some shenanigans with the Original CEO selling off the IP and another company has re-opened it), at least in Darkfall it's not as much P2W as BDO the gear is basically disposible but it's full loot with no safe zones and I think in the new version of darkfall they finally setup a karma system.


The toxic players on the BDO console discord's only retort is that "It's a PvP game", but my stress levels of UX engagement I don't like to pvp outside of scheduled time zones I can only handle so much stress from kids.  Basically PvP boils down to three 3 things, 1. Zerging, 2. mechanics exploiting FOTM rerolls, and 3. whaling to beat other players by buying off the developers.  I have been in 3 seige guilds now and all the shot callers are shitters but the closed mechanics of the game makes making "clique" guilds basically and impossible to PUG.  In WoW, Warhammer and Darkfall I had the #1 server teams (They were subscription based games not P2W challenge like BDO), I ran the #1 squads, BDO's social mechanics and the gear challenge is rough (I am only at 620 out of 685 possible gearscore), BDO challenge is fun but stress management is important also I don't feel like getting PSTD from playing a video game.


ESO's megaserver design with seamless instancing rather than contientious swapping with forced teleportation to mipmap instances is really convenient it doesn't make hte world feel overcrowded with their megaserver background scripts.  I think that MIT product even though I can't get into the game mechanics as much has a superior back-end to any other game.


I also play a game called Shroud of the Avatar, where a player can host a party in group mode to help with overcrowded which is nice, but I think ESO has the superior MMO design at this point.  Shroud of the Avatar is about to roll out with a new Metaverse with NFT based MMO based on crypto-blockchain which looks interesting, but I really enjoy PS5 I might message the CEO at this point and see if I can get some input into their new studio making console.   I know he tried making a game in the past with Nexon which had some build issues, but SotA is a sparsely populated but successful game it's just I don't get the "Action Hero" feeling I Get when playing BDO.  BDO when I am unhindered has great combat overall but the hyperactive pvp player base of unemployed drug addicts spewing their toxic words into general chat is a turnoff


This is not about me winning or losing fights, it's just my general UX feelings consider this a customer complaint.  I was really exited about the CalpheON Ball II announcing solo monster zones even 1 hour a day is enough (Although I wish it would be 2 hours), and "J-S" mentioned guild servers would be nice also.  


IT's just when all the content was new I really had a good UX experience but now that the goals are more streamlined and focused it's an overcrowding issue from bad game design, there is way too much pvp right now and I left the console BDO discord from bullying from the rest of the players who use the abovementioned tactics (#1.,2.,3.)

Character Name Ludius
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 19.08.2022

After taking a break for 4 months (I can see the frustration in my post), I came back after 4 months to have Elvia drop and now the content is spread out more and it's a lot better user experience, people can grind in peace and world PVP is not as hectic and game breaking like it was earlier.

Character Name Ludius
Main Character
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