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Guardian Video Event
Black Desert 2020-11-05 00:52
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# 1
Edit Date : 05.11.2020

Guardian Video Event


Have any amazing video clips of your Guardian? We would love to see them!

Share your favorite recording of your Guardian for a chance to win rewards.

There are two different video events you can enter.


Event Period:

NA: After the November 3rd Maintenance ~ Until the November 17th Maintenance

EU: After the November 4th Maintenance ~ Until the November 18th Maintenance

ASIA: After the November 4th Maintenance ~ Until the November 18th Maintenance


Event Details:

  1. Record and share your favorite Guardian video clip.
  2. Upload the video to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram including the hashtag #BlackDesertConsoleGuardian.
  3. Share the link of the social post on the Forums for event entry.


For Adventurers...

  1. Record your favorite Guardian skill combo.
  2. Upload the recorded video clip on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  3. Share it on the Forums on our official website with your Server/Family Name on this thread.


For Partnered Streamers & Content Creators...

  1. Create an awesome video about Guardian and share it on social media.
  2. Share it on the Forums on our official website with your Server/Family Name on this thread.


Event Rewards:

1 winner will be selected from each category and the winning entries will be featured on our official Black Desert Console Youtube channel, as well as win some rewards!



Guardian Premium Outfit Set Box


Event Details:

Event rewards will be sent during server maintenance via in-game mail.

Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
Any changes made can be found on this event page.

If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].

This event follows the [Event Rules].

Character Name Black Desert
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 08.11.2020

Family - Joartrude

Character - CrossBeau 

Character Name Joartrude
Main Character
# 5
Edit Date : 15.11.2020

Server: NA 

Family name: Trippy_Takka

Character name: Skuldreigna 

Character Name TrippySG
Main Character
# 6
Edit Date : 16.11.2020

servidor: NA

familia: jlhart598

personaje: Skadyh

Character Name Jlhart598
Main Character
# 7
Edit Date : 23.11.2020

Famille: Akahige 

Server:  PS-EU

Nom: LaGardiiana

Character Name Leviikiing
Main Character
# 8
Edit Date : 16.11.2020

Family: Prince

Server: PS4/NA

Character Name Bira
Main Character
# 9
Edit Date : 17.11.2020



Character Name Shivanu
Main Character
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The post was deleted.
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