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NOT FOREVER FREE. (I reached level 58)
Smartape1 2021-01-23 05:23
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# 1
Edit Date : 23.01.2021

Hi, good afternoon. This post might be long but please read and understand my concern.

I have a complain about this false advertisement about this game being "forever free". You see I've been curious about this mmo long before it came out on consoles, but got no time to buy and play it. Then early december i saw advertisment on facebook stating BDO will be free, FOREVER. Out of my curiosity I went on my ps4, browsed playstation store and there it was Black Desert is FREE to download. It didnt say FOR A LIMITED TIME though, it just say FREE to download the full content of the game. So because of curiosity and naivity I decided to finally try it last december, (dont remember the date), but it is late december 2020. I created a Dark Knight with the name Lunafhreiya under the family name Smartape. I played the, nonstop for three straight weeks and I finally reach 58. It was fun to say the least. The game has many things to offer for its community. But the game is not all perfect, in fact it felt that console version wasnt fully optimized because on the graphical perspective pop-ins and slow loading of NPCs is not good but the gameplay is solid. Now, last week a patch came out, around 1.8gig if Im not mistaken. And when i patched the game, I was too excited to play, but to my disbelief the game was no longer FREE! Whenever I tried to log in it always state that the FREE GAME TRIAL IS OVER. And if i still want to continue playing the game i need to purchase it. I was so mad because* on playstation store the game was NEVER ADVERTISED as FREE FOR LIMITED TIME/DEMO, unlike other games on the store that offers free trial/demo. But I already invested so much time with the game and already loved my character, so I decided to buy a package and continue playing. Just now,  I* was browsing facebook then i stumbled with your false advertisement again, then i look at the comment. I saw one comment that had the same issue* like mine. He got dupe also, by you guys and he was also playing on console. He also reached around level 50, playing it for free. But our outcomes are different because* the day after you patched the game, he tried to logging in again, and to his surprise he was able to* play the game without even BUYING IT! Then another commentator states that you guys are OFFERING FREE PERMANENT ACCESS, ONLY IF YOU CAN REACH LEVEL 50! Yet, i did reach level 50 long before this "free limited access" of the game was over. I reached level 58 for logic's sake, but still didnt get my FREE PERMANENT ACCESS! So, what kind of scammy scheme is this? I love the game, but please stop LYING! >:(

Character Name Smartape1
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 22.09.2022

I understand the problem you are having and I agree that nothing is free forever. The first time introduced to players, the application of the free program the impossible quiz was perfect, but when there is a stable number of players, a user fee should be charged.

Character Name Kiara0106
Main Character
# 3
Edit Date : 28.09.2022

I bought oquila carrack overlay value and would like to cancel this purchase. I would like to buy the oquila carrack Volante. Could you make this exchange please?

Character Name Piposz
Main Character
FeedbackTopicNOT FOREVER FREE. (I reached level 58)

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