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Cant send party invites
DarkZeroD 2022-09-15 15:01
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Edit Date : 15.09.2022

HI All


strange problem, I am not able to invite anyone to a party, I can receive invites and join a party but I am not able to send invites. When I try then a notice pops up saying "cannot send party/platoon invites."

I have checked all settings,

Cross play is on

Play with adventurers from the same platform is off.
All reject party and friend invites is turned off.


Both the friend and I are on the season 2 server and can see each other in game.
When standing a near their character and holding L2, the only thing I see on the interact wheel is view greeting.

then are some random players I find in game then I have the option on the interact to invite to party, but just not with the friend I'm trying to invite.


I've tried restarting the game and my console.

I would log a support ticket but I get a 404 error when clicking submit enquiry so I have come here.


Just trying to figure out what I'm missing, any suggestions are welcome.


Character Name DarkZeroD
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FeedbackTopicCant send party invites

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