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[Question] King's Key
Meracondia 2022-10-25 23:06
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Edit Date : 25.10.2022

Greetings all!
I'm a new player (EU-Console) and I'm playing Nova. I reached the Valencia main-quest but today I wanted to get back to Calpheon.
I wanted to start the King's Key chain quests but when I speak with the Storage Keeper he doesn't have the option to start it.

He acknowledges that I have the key but makes it present in a small written dialogue and that's it.

Is there an Amity check to make it happen or I need to do something else? I tried to search the Internet but I didn't find anything useful.
Thank you in advance!

Character Name Meracondia
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 26.10.2022


Character Name Meracondia
Main Character
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Edit Date : 28.10.2022

Hi, I also came to this point, but I had not played the main story (except awakening quest) so far. Had the key, but the storage keeper had nothing for me. when i finished the calpheon questline i was sent to the oberen farm in the south of calpheon city. here i met the storage keeper who talked about the key and gave me a quest related to this. you could try to go to the oberen farm and look if the storage keeper is here. the quest that sent me there was either from the black spirit or the council in calpheon city, i do not remember well.

Character Name Mercenar
Main Character
The post was deleted.
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