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Foreign_sca*** 2019-10-18 04:26
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# 1
Edit Date : 18.10.2019

anyone know what to do with the spirit of the black sun item?

Character Name Foreign_sca***
Main Character
# 2
Edit Date : 27.07.2020

You talking about the Black Sun seal? I still have mine but that item was suppose to have a use but I believe PA took the Quest related to it out so there's no use for it anymore. I'd hold onto it just in case PA puts the Quest back into the game or at least let us exchange it for something.

Character Name Takmatt
Main Character
The post was deleted.
# 4
Edit Date : 13.09.2022

I think PA removed the quest that was associated with it, making it obsolete. Just in case PA adds the Quest back into the game or at the at least allows us to trade it for anything, I'd stick onto it.



driving directions

Character Name Prudencesu
Main Character
# 5
Edit Date : 27.09.2022

I still have mine, but that item was supposed to have a use, but I believe PA removed the Quest associated with it, so it's no longer useful. As technology advances, more and more ways to get help that are simple to use on devices that can connect to the internet are developed words from letters

Character Name Pattitay
Main Character

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