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Notice Known Issues 07/10 07.10.2019



Thank you for playing Black Desert for Xbox One. We always strive to deliver the best possible experience for our players, however sometimes we discover issues that crept through our QA process. Below is an issue of currently known issues in Black Desert for Xbox One:


1. There is an issue where only 10 exchanges are displayed when exchanging Asula Accessories.
2. There is an issue where web banners do not show up properly in certain instances.
3. There is an issue where the Resurrection skill icon is shown upon reaching Witch/Wizard class Lv.45. Currently this skill is unavailable and will be added at a later update.
4. There is an issue where the master volume in game gets set to zero when the cutscene for the [The Ritual] quest begins playing.
5. There is an issue where when the network is unstable, the UI will not be displayed correctly.
6 .There is an issue where you cannot check the effects and duration of the gold bar exchange buffs in certain churches.
7. There is an issue where minigame UI and the buff icon overlap.
8. There is an issue with Lahns Sanguine Patal costume textures in certain situations.
9. There is an issue where the Shai currently does not show up in the Disconnect Window when trying to switch characters
10. There is an issue with Cosmic Dawn Chandelier where it displays incorrectly. We will be fixing Cosmic Dawn Chandelier as soon as possible.

11. There is an issue where max character slot is shown as 11 in Character Slot Expansion Coupon description even though it should be 13.

[Resolved Issues]
1. There is currently an issue where taking screenshots in the Beauty Mode will cause the game to crash.
2. There is an issue where sometimes the scoreboard UI will not disappear after the Red Battlefield concludes.
3. There is an issue where the Character Selection and Change Server options are not working during tutorials. This can be fixed through completing the tutorial or restarting the game.
4. There is an issue where multiple system messages are shown when a Shai dies.
5. There is a known issue where Shai's "Cheer Up" and "Get Well" skills do not affect party members during a World Boss spawn.