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Black Desert 2019-02-14 07:00

With the upcoming Black Desert Final Beta, we’ve prepared another round of amazing beta events. Join in the fun all beta weekend! 

Sign up to our Website and get a Sky Hawk pet! 
Sign up to our official website before March 3rd* and you will receive an exclusive Sky Hawk! By signing up to our official website, you will find support tickets easier to submit, and you will also 
be among the first to find out all the latest information of Black Desert. If you sign up before March 3rd, and then link your account in-game by April 2nd, you will be given the exclusive Sky Hawk pet on April 3rd!  If you already signed up for our website, don’t worry. As long as you link your account to your in-game account, you too will receive the Sky Hawk Pet. 


Where are you? Hide-and-Seek

Event Period
-EU: 2/14/2019 3:00PM UTC
-NA: 2/14/2019 3:00PM PST

On the opening day, we’re going to be running our Hide-and-Seek event. This will give you a chance to explore the open world of Black Desert, and get rewards for doing so! 

Once the event starts, we will be giving a few hints to help you locate the hidden NPC’s. All you will need to do is accept the quests from each of the NPC’s and you will be rewarded with a pet and feed that you can use during the beta! 

You will have 1 hour to find all 5 hidden NPC’s. 

Western Guard Camp 
1: do you even get on the roof of that thing?  
2: Great View from up here! 
3: Out of the camp, across the bridge and near a rock! 
Other Locations
4: Right under his big red nose! 
5: Tree Spirits really hurt the closest farm to Western Guard Camp! 

Master Fishermen 

Event Period
    -EU: 2/14/2019 06:00PM UTC
    -NA: 2/14/2019 08:00PM PST

Velia will once again host the Master Fishermen event. For one hour all you will need to do is fish up “Fish Bones” one time, and you will receive 10 Black Stone (Armor) for the beta. 

Velia Beach BBQ Party! 

Event Period
-EU: 2/15/2019 03:00PM UTC 
-NA: 2/15/2019 03:00PM PST 

Want to learn more about processing? Want to just relax at the beach with the GM’s? We’ll be hosting a BBQ party on Velia’s beautiful golden sands. All you will need to do is cook what the GM’s are cooking and you will receive Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon) for your effort! 

Whoa There Horsey!

Event Period 
    -EU: 2/16 2019 03:00PM UTC
    -NA: 2/16 2019 03:00PM PST 

Horses are the key part of travel in Black Desert, and we’ll be helping you guys catch horses. Join us on the hills south of Velia and we’ll be rounding up a ton of horses for you guys to catch! We’ll be sending you rope and sugar cubes to help you catch your horses! If you manage to catch one during the event, we’ll send you the Terrminé Horse Gear Set to make your horse look beautiful! 


Cart Racing! 

Event Period 
    -EU: 2/16 2019 06:00PM UTC
    -NA: 2/16 2019 06:00PM PST 

It’s not always super serious in Black Desert, and Cart Racing is one of our personal highlights for silly and fun games! Push the carts we summon from the start of the race all the way through to the finish line and if you finish in the top 10, you will receive a Calpheon Chubby Dog pet and Organic Feed to use in the beta! You will also receive an exclusive title to use at launch! 


Battle of the GMs

Event Period 
    - EU Server: Every day of beta around 10:00 PM UTC
- NA Server: Every day of beta around 09:00 PM PST

Join our GM’s every day in Red Battlefield for some intense PvP action. Each GM will pick a side, and you can assist your GM by killing each other mercilessly on the battlefield. If your team wins, the GM will throw in 10 Black Stone (armor), and if you are on the losing side, the GM will send you an Elion’s Tear. You can join Red Battlefield after level 7! 

Slay the Corrupted One!

Event Period 
    - EU Server: 2/17/2019 at 03:00 PM UTC
- NA Server: 2/17/2019 at 03:00 PM PST

The lord of corruption has risen, and we’re going to need you to help banish him back to where he came! Come out to Serendia Shrine located south of the Southern Guard Camp and defeat him, and you will receive an Azwell +15 Weapon! The weapon you receive will be based on the character that receives the Kzarka Weapon Box. 

NOTE: After defeating Kzarka, you will receive a Kzarka Weapon Box. Unfortunately, this box will not be openable, and we will be sending those who receive the box a different weapon in their mail.  


Node War
    - EU Server: 2/17/2019 at 07:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM UTC
- NA Server 1st test: 2/15/2019 at 06:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM PST
    - NA Server 2nd test: 2/17/2019 at  06:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM PST
Node Wars are guild based PvP wars where guilds go head to head over the rights to owning areas of the world map. Please remember that when you leave a guild, you can’t join another one for 24 hours. Please remember this before switching guilds for Node Wars. 
We will be sending all clans the materials needed for Node Wars, but please remember that a clan MUST become a guild before they can participate. There must be at least 10 guild members online in order to build a fort for Node Wars. 
For more information on Node Wars, please read the following guide [Link to Guide].


Defeat Red Nose and try out the Ultimate Bundle

Throughout the beta, if you defeat Red Nose, you will receive the Ultimate Bundle to try out during the beta. This includes 2 pets, costumes, skins and more. Once you defeat Red Nose, and accept the quest rewards, you will find them in your inventory/pearl inventory. The rewards claimed in beta will not affect your launch day rewards.


Reach level 30 and Receive a Pet at launch!

Would you like a free pet at launch? Reach level 30 in the beta and we’ll be sending a Calpheon Chubby Dog to you at launch! No extra steps required, just play the beta, get one character to level 30 and you will receive the pet after the game launches! 

Twitter Event! 
Want to win an exclusive Black Desert Xbox skin for your Xbox and controller? Head to twitter and retweet the post, or write your own tweet with the hashtags #BlackDesertXbox and #FinalOpenBeta and we’ll be randomly selecting 10 winners who will receive an Xbox S/X skin + a controller skin! 


Regions: North America/ Europe
Period: 2/12 ~ 2/17
Winners Announcement: 2/20 

Note: We will be randomly selecting winners and will be contacting you through DMs.  


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