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Black Desert 2019-02-14 07:00


During this beta, we will be testing Node Wars. Node wars are a chance for you and your guild to team up, and engage in large scale PvP that takes place over a huge area. 


Before the Test 
To join the Node War test, you will need to be part of a guild. Clans will need to upgrade to a guild before they can try to enter Node Wars.

During the beta, guilds should be working on recruiting new members and also increasing their guild size. To increase the size of your guild, you will need to earn guild points by completing guild missions. Each upgrade will allow you to add up to 5 new players to your guild. This will allow you to upgrade your guild from small (0~30 players) to medium (31 to 50 players) to large (50~100 players). 

We will be sending all guild leaders a package containing enough guild skill points that you can increase your guild numbers up to 100 players. The mail containing these items will be sent around 2/16 7 pm UTC+0 for European players, and 2/15 1 pm for North American Players. 

Each node has a limit to the amount of people who can fight for it. This allows smaller guilds to enjoy Node Wars as well as larger guilds. 

To all players: Remember that there is a 24 hour cooldown when leaving a guild before you can join a new guild. Please ensure that there is enough time between leaving a guild and the next Node War test!  

The Test 

We will be sending forts and relevant materials to all members of clans and guilds before node wars start. These materials will be sent at the following times: 


North America: 
2/15 03:00 pm (PST) 
2/17 01:00 am (PST)


2/17 01:00 am (UTC+0)


 Only the Guild Leader and officers can construct or dismantle a fort, and forts must be constructed at least an hour before the start of the Node War. You can place your fort anywhere within the contested area, and you must have AT LEAST 10 people online in order to construct the fort. Also, make sure that you hit the ‘JOIN’ button in the guild window before Node Wars starts so that you can mark your participation for the node war! 

Forts will take an hour to build. When the fort has finished being built, you can construct the annexes. These structures provide additional defensive (and some offensive) options for Node Wars. 

Once the Node War starts, it is time to head to battle. Make sure to communicate with your guild so that you can fight effectively on the battlefield. 


During the Node War

To win a node war, you need to destroy all of your opponents’ forts. To do this, you will first need to find their forts in the node war region. Once discovered, dealing damage on their fortress will reveal the location in your guild member’s minimap. You can then set about destroying their fortress while defending your own. Node Wars can last up to 2 hours, and if no winner is decided then the node will remain ownerless. 

Use your resources wisely to achieve victory. 

Please remember that this is the first live test of Node Wars. While we have extensively tested it in-house, there may be issues once the mode is live. If there are bugs or issues, please make sure to report it on our bug report section. 

Good luck in Node Wars, we will be watching!


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