Events [Event] Defeat Piku the Yeti!
Black Desert 2020-01-08 12:00


It seems that the Alejandro Farm is in danger (again) as Piku the abominable Yeti makes his debut on Black Desert Xbox! Arm yourselves with a Matchlock and defend the hills of Alejandro Farm from Piku! 


Event Period
NA: January 8th after maintenance ~ January 28th 11:59 PM (PST)

EU: January 8th after maintenance ~ January 29th 07:59 AM (UTC)


■ How to Participate

▲ Piku the Yeti


▲ Location where Piku the Yeti appears


1. During the event period, ‘Piku the Yeti’ will appear in the Northern Plain of Serendia, by Alejandro Farm.
   - Once the message ‘A blizzard has arrived at Alejandro farm.’ is shown, Piku the Yeti will appear after about 5 minutes.
   - Piku the Yeti will appear once every 3~6 hours in up to 5 servers, excluding the Arsha server.
2. Piku the Yeti can only be defeated with a [Hunting] Matchlock or [Event] Frosted Matchlock.
3. Armed with your Matchlock, defeat Piku the Yeti and receive a variety of rewards!



■ How to get a Matchlock
You can get a [Hunting] Matchlock from crafting, Hunting quests, or the Central Market. 

During the event period, however, you can get a ‘[Event] Frosted Matchlock’ through the following questline.

Please note that the [Event] Frosted Matchlock from the following questline is temporary and will be deleted after the event period.


Event Quest Start NPC End NPC Reward
[Event] Catch the Pumpkin Thief Amadeo Alejandro Torres Contribution EXP 100
[Event] Piku's Trail Torres Piku's Footprint

Contribution EXP 100

Recover 5 Energy

[Event] Frosted Matchlock Piku's Footprint Alustin

Contribution EXP 200

[Event] Frosted Matchlock

Select one of the following:

High-Quality Ham Sandwich

High-Quality Meat Sandwich

Spicy Teff Sandwich

* Each event quest is part of a questline, and the prior quest must be completed to progress the next quest. 

* This questline can be completed once per Family during the event period. Piku the Yeti can be fought multiple times.

* The ‘[Event] Frosted Matchlock’ obtainable through the quests will be deleted when the event ends.



■ Rewards

Items Obtainable by Defeating Piku the Yeti (Random)
Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience
Black Magic Crystal - Assault
Black Magic Crystal - Precision
Black Magic Crystal - Agility
Black Magic Crystal - Valor
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness
Black Magic Crystal - Memory
[Event] Lethal Piku Horn Decoration
[Event] Threatening Piku Horn Decoration
[Event] Cunning Piku Horn Decoration
[Event] Chillaxed Piku Horn Decoration
[Event] Greedy Piku Horn Decoration
[Event] Overhyped Piku Horn Decoration
Black Stone (Weapon) x3~5
Black Stone (Armor) x3~5
[Event] Frosted Matchlock
Forest Fury
Hunter's Seal x5~7
Gold Bar 10G x2~3
70000~120000 Silver


▲ Piku Horn Decoration (The appearances of all 6 are the same)


Item Name Effect
[Event] Lethal Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

Critical Hit +2 for 1 hour upon use

(Duration: 1 hour)

[Event] Threatening Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

Attack Speed +2 Levels upon use

(Duration: 1 hour)

[Event] Cunning Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

Movement Speed +2 Levels upon use

(Duration: 1 hour)

[Event] Chillaxed Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

All Evasion +20 upon use

(Duration: 1 hour)

[Event] Greedy Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

Gathering Speed +2 upon use.

(Duration: 1 hour)

[Event] Overhyped Piku Horn Decoration

Interior Points: 50

MAX Stamina +200 upon use

(Duration: 2 hours)



Event Notice :

  • Piku will not appear on the Arsha server.
  • Piku will despawn if not defeated within 15 minutes after appearing. 
  • Characters will not receive death penalties for dying to Piku. 
  • Use [Hunting] Matchlocks or [Event] Frosted Matchlocks to attack Piku, as it does not take much damage from normal attacks.  
  • The ‘[Event] Frosted Matchlock’ (Green Grade) that is obtainable through the quest is different from the ‘[Event] Frosted Matchlock’ (Blue Grade) that is obtainable by defeating Piku the Yeti as the ‘[Event] Frosted Matchlock’ (Green Grade) is temporary.  
  • Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.
  • Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.
  • If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Submit a Ticket].
  • Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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