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Notices [Notice] [Updated] Official Black Desert Content Creator Partners (09/2022)
Black Desert 2022-09-01 00:00



Black Desert is proud to introduce the official list of content creators participating in the Content Creator Partners Program this month. 


Check out our beloved partners as they showcase a variety of content of Black Desert!


Name Introduction Link



"Hey guys my name's Sly and I main a Musa! Each one of my streams is a different experience. You might catch the funny, the embarrassing, or all the rage but either way I can promise it'll always be a good time!"



"Hello There. My name is Moses and a long time ago, I played other games. Once I started BDO, there was no turning back. A year in and there's still so much to do."




“Witch Main, helping new players find their legs in the game. Life-skilling/PvP/PvE you'll find it all here.”



"Hi, I am Kroc, I am a retired army vet that serve three combat tours. I am a hardcore grinder but, in my community I try to promote laughter, positivity, and entertainment with a little PvP of course. Tune in if you are having a bad day and I promise to brighten it up."


"Hey guys my name is XTER, I make guides and other fun content of Black Desert. If you have any questions or wanna pvp practice feel free to hmu."


"Whats good! My name is Guiido and I am a Berserker main. I am addicted to PvP in all different aspects of the game and love interacting with chat, talking about this game and answering any kind of questions you may have."


"Hey Guys Zecct here and welcome to my Channel! My Channel is mostly focused around PvP Content, Large Scale Fights ( Conquest War, Nodewar ) New Infos about the Game and some PvE and Event stuff. If you like what you see leave a SUB and welcome to the Family!"


"It's your homie X3noPain, I've been making guides for Black Desert Online since Closed beta, so around 3 years. I got you covered on any guides/tutorials you may need. I also stream as well when I can to help the community in real time.(Drakania Main)"


"Hey Everyone Its LiveFrmDaToilet I am an avid BDO player and a Warrior main I have 4 years of experience from PC and am now having a great time on console! If you have any questions drop by for laughs, jokes, and a great community and some PVP!

Lord Squidius

"My name's Squid I play a Big Iron Berserker and I Like Black Desert A lot."


Hiya Cuties, My Name is Mizz Kontagious (MK) for Short! I am a Shai main but I play witch from time to time. My stream mostly surrounds around Lifeskilling, but you might see RBF, PvP, Enhancing etc. I love welcoming the community from seeing old players to new players. I love interacting with my chat and make sure everyone feels welcomed. I am not saying I am best at the game but I do love just to have fun with you all. Just to make sure to make your day means the most to me in my stream. So if you love laughing, having fun, and being yourself my stream is for you. I am working on making Lifeskilling videos in the future but taking one step at a time . Hope to see You guys in my stream or in game and can't wait to share my laughs and experience with You see you soon! ~MK~


It's the young king Raidelo here, the BDO hype man himself! Stop by my channel for some PvP, enhancing, and good laugh's.


OOO MYYY BOYYY!! It's Krysys over here! I main an Awakening Lahn! In my channel not only will you find some fun PvP gameplay, you'll be available to join an amazing community where we support each other to grow, I'll demonstrate in-depth PvP examples showing why I make the decisions I make, and will include you in my funny reactions.
My content is focused on showing people the content creator that I would like to watch every day. My English is not the best but I try!

Found your favorite content creator? Support them and enjoy the show!


Thank you!


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