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Black Desert 2020-05-13 02:30

Black Desert teams for console and PC are always trying to organize offline events, giving opportunities for Adventurers to come together, and offer us a unique chance to listen to your opinions face to face. Unfortunately, this year's circumstances have made this an incredibly reckless thing to do, which is why we have decided to hold an online event for you.

Black Desert’s First Online Ball 

Even though we can’t meet in person, we’re going to bring Adventurers together across all platforms and regions, for us to share information about the future direction of Black Desert updates and to answer some of our Adventurer’s questions. There will also be a chance for a lucky group of Adventurers to join in the event too!




Global meeting of Adventurers from around the world


This online event gives a great chance for Adventurers from all over the world, and on all platforms, to meet and make great memories together.

On May 30th, join us on the channels below to join in the ‘Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME’ event! In these channels, adventurers from Console and PC will be able to come together in their mutual appreciation of the Black Desert world. 


Let us hear you at Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME


Although we can’t do it face-to-face, we still want to hear your voices! To be able to do so, Princess Jarette prepared special invitations to an exclusive party! If you become one of the lucky adventurers to receive one, you will be invited to a super secret location in game to join in on some of the festivities.


What is Princess Jarette’s Invitation?

  • It’s a special ticket which will let you attend our special event


How can I get it?

  • All you have to do is to fill in the survey below. 200 lucky Adventurers from each server who fill in the survey will receive the invitation.


What happens once I get it?

  • Invitation allows you to join the event as well as gives you a chance to share your questions with our developers. You will also receive a special title and in-game rewards!


What if I didn’t get the invitation?

  • If you do not receive an invitation, you will be able to join us on Youtube and Twitch, from the comfort of your own home!


Princess Jarette’s Invitation Details:


Registration Period: 

May 12th 2020 - May 17th 2020 11:59 PM (NA: PDT, EU: UTC+1, ASIA: UTC+9) 


Survey Link:



Winners Announcement:

May 19th (Tuesday)


* Princess Jarette’s Invitations will be sent during the May 27th Maintenance. 


Special Video Event

In the survey, you can send a link to a YouTube video sending your best wishes to all Adventurers who join us in the Black Desert Heidel Ball! 

You can create a short 30 second video, which might be aired during our broadcast! We have also prepared a Special Goods Package for the creators of the videos which end up being included in our montage.


Here is a short example of the video featuring CM Shirna:


  • Winners will be announced on the official website on May 18th. This date may change based on mitigating circumstances.
  • More information regarding the ‘Princess Jarette’s Invitation’ will be provided in the winners announcement. 
  • Specific details on the in-game rewards for this event will be announced in the winners announcement.
  • Adventurers selected to participate in the event will be contacted by email.
  • The invitation to the ‘Black Desert Heidel Ball: AT HOME’ cannot be transferred to another Adventurer.
  • Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they will be announced on this website.
  • Participating in this event using inappropriate methods will result in punitive actions taken on your account.
  • Violating the Terms of Service may result in disqualification and withdrawal of any prizes/rewards even after the winners announcement.
  • If there are any questions about this event, please contact Customer Support.
  • Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].
  • Please contact Support if you wish for your application to be cancelled or the information you provided to be deleted.



See you on May 30th!



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