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Update 5/15 Minor Update 05.14.2019



A small update has been released. This maintenance and update will allow us to address a few issues, and continue to improve the service we provide.


1. A guild attendance event has started. Join or make a medium sized guild to activate your own guild attendance reward page to get enhancement materials, Advice of Valks, and most importantly, a Kuku Bird pet to accompany you on your journey! Find out more information on the [event page].


2. Extended the ‘[Event] Level 60 Path to Power (14 days)’ box to ‘[Event] Level 60 Path to Power (30 Days)’. All current 14 day boxes will be changed to end on June 14th.


3. The message that is shown after using Grade 1~ 3 Armor & Weapon Reform Stones has been changed to avoid any confusion.


4. Fixed an issue where field bosses were summoning on all servers. They will now spawn on 4 random servers.


5. Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, a storage maid would not transport any stackable items.


As well as these changes, we will also be applying updates to our servers, ensuring name changes go through and other back end work.


Thank You