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Events [Event] [Updated] A Letter from Fughar!
Black Desert 2023-01-18 00:00

A Letter from Fughar!

NA: After the January 17th maintenance ~ Before the March 21st maintenance (PST) Before the February 14th maintenance (PST) 
EU: After the January 18th maintenance ~ Before the March 22nd maintenance (UTC)  Before the February 15th maintenance (UTC) 
ASIA: After the January 18th maintenance ~ Before the March 22nd maintenance (GMT+9) Before the February 15th maintenance (GMT+9)  


Through the Challenge menu, obtain the [Event] Letter From Fughar!


With a Season Character, find Fughar in a major city!

* If you select the [Event] Letter From Fughar in your inventory, you can find the nearest Fughar!


An Additional Fughar’s Timepiece!

Talk to Fughar to gain an additional Fughar’s Timepiece this season as well as Narchillan gear!

Quest Name Quest Objective Quest Reward
[Winter Season] Fughar’s Secretive Timepiece Talk to Fughar and receive another Fughar’s Timepiece
Fughar’s Timepiece


Get a Narchillan Gear Box when graduating!

By converting a season character into a normal character through Fughar, you can earn a Narchillan Gear Box in your graduation rewards!
Quest Name Start NPC Quest Objective End NPC
[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad Velia’s
[Crow Merchants Guild Scribe] Leyla

Go talk to Fughar after completing “Fughar’s Special Timepiece”

Go talk to Fughar after completing “Fughar’s Secretive Timepiece”

[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World Fughar


Narchillan Gear Box Contents

Narchillan Main Weapon Box
Narchillan Sub-weapon Box
Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box
Narchillan Armor
Narchillan Helmet
Narchillan Gloves
Narchillan Shoes


Narchillan Gear can only be equipped by normal characters, not season characters.

Woosa will not be able to open the Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box as her awakening has not yet been released.

Fughar’s Timepiece?

This item can be used to change classes for season servers. In order to use it, you must have a season character that is at least level 25 and a normal character that is level 25 or below.


If you use Fughar’s Timepiece, you can transfer the season character status and your Combat/Skill EXP to the target character.


For more detailed information, check out the Adventurer’s Guide and search for “Fughar’s Timepiece.”

Narchillan Gear?

Narchillan gear can be equipped by normal characters (not season characters) and boasts stats that are comparable to DUO (II) ~ TRI (III) Black Star gear.
When opening the weapon boxes, you will obtain the weapons that matches the class that opened it.

How to obtain Narchillan gear currently: As a normal character, use Beginner Black Stones to enhance your Naru gear to PEN (V)
Then summon the Black Spirit and accept the [Special Aid] Fughar's Letter quest to exchange for Narchillan gear (once per family).

(You can accept this quest from the Black Spirit if you are over Lv. 50, have completed the Calpheon main quest, or are playing with a character over Lv. 56.)

Added method of how to obtain Narchillan gear: For the Winter Season only, finish the [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World quest and obtain the Narchillan Gear Box!

What do I do if I opened the Narchillan weapons on a different character?
- Go to a town’s Blacksmith and purchase the appropriate Narchillan Processing Stone for 1,000,000 Silver.
- Then go to Processing – Manufacture and place the weapon and the appropriate processing stone in and process them into a weapon box!
- Opening the weapon box will give you a weapon that matches the class that opened it.
(Narchillan armor pieces can be worn by any character regardless of class.)


* Event Notice

- If you become a normal character prior to completing the challenge, you will not be able to obtain the reward.

- Rewards for completing the challenge can be checked and received after you reconnect to the game.

- The challenge listed above is limited to once per family.

- Items given in this event may be family bound or character bound. Please check each item before using them as they may vary depending on the item. Items that are character bound cannot be moved or switched. There also may be restrictions on sale and use of items as well.
- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.
- Any changes to the event will be made on this page.
- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods or violating Terms of Service may result in the cancellation or retrieval of your reward, as well as restrictions from the game.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].

- This event follows the [Event Rules].


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