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Updates [Update] [Updated] Patch Notes - March 22, 2023
Black Desert 2023-03-22 00:00
A new update is here, bringing the new Wizard, a variety of quality of life updates, and more! Read on to learn more about the update!



Improvement on Wizard's Posture

Today's patch includes a change to the Wizard's model.
This was possible thanks to your widespread support of us and the Wizard class.
Thank you again for your patience and support.
As we have completely changed Wizard's body shape, what we thought most important was, "The body shape has changed, but the feel of playing Wizard should stay the same as much as possible." This is because we didn't want you to experience any change in gameplay that you are already familiar with. Therefore, we worked on all the animations for a long time while simultaneously testing the way he feels to play, but please understand that some animations may feel slightly different from the previous ones.
In the case of clothing, all of them were reworked to fit the new model. You can see that the overall silhouette of the Wizard has become more stunning, as now he has strong and stiff shoulders.
Lastly, with the model change, the previously saved customizations are no longer available. The previous customizations of Wizard that you loved will be preserved via the "Wizard Archive," so we thank you for your understanding.
We hope your adventures with the reworked Wizard will be that much more enjoyable.
Thank you.
  • Improved the Wizard’s model.
    • As a result, some of the animations of the Wizard have been changed to match his new model.



New and Improvements


  • Improved so Awakening and Succession Secret Books are granted upon creating a Trial Character.
    • Awakening Secret Book will only be granted to characters that have such features already launched.
Main Weapon
Raging Thunder (I to Absolute)
  • Fixed the issue where the skill would only fully activate when both RB/R1 and RT/R2 were pressed for the entire duration of the skill.

Lunar Dash
  • Changed so that the skill's attack is only activated with RB/R1 or RT/R2.
    • Fixed the issue where it would not combo into skills that use RB/R1 or RT/R2 as inputs.

Shadow Slash
  • Improved so that you must press LB/L1 again to activate Shadow Slash after using Flow: Block Jump with your sura katana.

  • Fixed the issue where Forward Guard would not activate when comboing into other skills after using Godr Sphera Training while moving.
    • With the above fix, we've fixed the issue where Forward Guard would not activate sometimes for skills that use movement inputs and RB/R1 as inputs, such as Chilling Wave.

Main Weapon
Thrashing Wolf
  • Fixed the issue where attack 1 hits would not recover Martial Spirit.

Flow: Sand Warp
  • Fixed the issue where the increase in All Evasion Rate applied during the skill did not match the rate written in the skill's description.

Main Weapon, Succession
Butterfly Step
  • Improved so that Butterfly Step can be added to the Ring Menu.
  • Improved so that you can stop the movement at any time by pressing the backward movement imput.
  • Reduced the distance of lateral movement while using the skill. [Before] [After] 
Thunderstroke, Prime: Thunderstroke
  • Fixed the issue where the skills would activate right in front of the character in certain areas.
  • Fixed the issue where combo into Cloudcarve from Chain: Fan Kick was applied differently if comboed into Cloudcarve after Fan Kick 2 hits.




End of Winter Season

  • The Winter Season has come to a close.
    • All season characters that have yet to convert to a normal character will automatically be converted following the March 22nd maintenance (UTC).
      • If converted without completing '[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad' or '[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World', you will receive a Gift Box Full of Memories and Fughar's Letter of Encouragement through your Mail.
      • This mail will expire on April 5, 2023 11:59 PM (UTC). Please make sure to check it before it expires.
    • All season quests will be removed from the Quests window.
    • If you have Tuvala gear that has not been converted to normal gear, only the gear with the highest levels of enhancement will be converted, and the remaining will be deleted.
      • Example) If you have two Tuvala Helmets, one PEN(V) and the other PRI (I), the PEN (V) Tuvala Helmet will be converted and the PRI (I) will be deleted.
    • All season items (Time-filled Black Stone, Refined Magical Black Stone, Tuvala Ore, Tuvala Conversion Stone, non-converted Tuvala gear, etc.) will be deleted.
    • After the end of this season, the season server will revert to the server settings prior to the start of the Winter Season.
    • Season characters that were not graduated before being converted to normal characters will receive "Narchillan Gear Box" in their Heidel storage.
      • This was an item obtainable through graduating the Winter Season.

Increased Combat EXP Gains from Life-skilling

To prevent adventurers from feeling forced to engage in combat-based PvE activities, we allowed for some Combat EXP gains from Life-skilling activities early on. However, these gains were determined according to figures appropriate back in the day, so we decided to increase the amount of Combat EXP granted for Gathering, Processing, Cooking/Alchemy, Fishing, Horse Taming, and Farming activities to numbers more appropriate to current Black Desert levels. We hope this continues to encourage adventurers to not feel locked to PvE playstyles, and we will continue to make improvements where necessary for these Combat EXP gains in the future as well. Thank you. 
  • Increased the Combat EXP gains for the following Life-skilling activities per level.
Level Gathering (100 times) Processing (100 times) Cooking/Alchemy (100 times)
50 n/a n/a n/a
51 n/a n/a n/a
52 n/a n/a n/a
53 n/a n/a n/a
54 n/a n/a n/a
55 n/a n/a n/a
56 n/a x2.0 n/a
57 n/a x3.0 x1.1
58 n/a x3.0 x1.1
59 n/a x3.0 x1.1
60 n/a x3.6 x1.3
61 n/a x3.6 x1.3
62 x1.2 x7.3 x2.5
63 x2.4 x14.6 x5.1
64 x4.8 x29.1 x10.2
65 x9.6 x58.2 x20.4
66 x19.2 x116.4 x40.8
Level Fishing (10 times) Horse Taming (10 times) Farming (10 times)
50 n/a x1.4 n/a
51 n/a x4.1 n/a
52 x1.1 x5.4 n/a
53 x1.4 x6.6 n/a
54 x1.6 x7.8 n/a
55 x1.9 x9.0 n/a
56 x7.7 x37.0 x3.70
57 11.7x x56.1 x5.61
58 11.7x x56.1 x5.61
59 11.7x x56.1 x5.61
60 x14.0 x67.3 x6.73
61 x14.0 x67.3 x6.73
62 x28.0 x134.5 x13.45
63 x56.1 x269.1 x26.91
64 x112.1 x538.2 x53.82
65 x224.2 x1076.4 x107.64
66 x448.5 x2152.8 x215.28
※ Beyond Lv. 66, EXP gains amount to only 10% of that gained from Lv. 62-65.
※ The following remains unchanged for Combat EXP gains from Life-skilling.
- Combat EXP gains from Life-skilling are not affected by Combat EXP increasing effects (i.e. Mercenary's Experience).
- Mass processing also grants the same amount of Combat EXP as 1 processing activity.
- Combat EXP gains for Gathering are not affected by the type of gathered product.
- Mass cooking grants the same amount of Combat EXP as 1 cooking/alchemy activity.
- Failing a cooking/alchemy activity will grant 10% the Combat EXP of a successful activity.
- For Farming, pruning, pest killing, harvesting, and breeding all grant the same amount of Combat EXP.

Reduction of Contribution Points for Certain Nodes and Production Nodes

The number of Contribution Points required for certain Production Nodes and the connecting of certain nodes has been reduced. Contribution Points were originally set when these nodes were released as new territories, but as time has passed and with new territories are on the way, we decided that the original requirement is too high. If you'd previously invested in any of the Nodes listed below, Contribution Points will be returned according to the new requirements after today's maintenance. 
  • The amount of Contribution Points required for connecting the following nodes and Production Nodes has been reduced.
    • For those who have invested in nodes listed below, Contribution Points will be returned according to the updated requirements. (Up to 107 Contribution Points)
Node Contribution Points Before Contribution Points After
Omar Lava Cave - Mining 3 2
Iron Mine - Mining 3 1
Elric Shrine - Gathering 3 1
Ancient Fissure - Mining 3 2
Ancient Fissure - Gathering 3 1
Basilisk Den 4 2
Aakman 5 2
Derko Island 5 2
Bashim Base - Mining 3 1
Capotia - Gathering 3 1
Pilgrim's Haven - Mining 3 1
Bambu Valley - Gathering 3 1
Iris - Gathering 3 1
Kmach Canyon - Gathering 3 1
Aakman - Gathering 3 1
Crescent Shrine - Gathering 3 1
Crescent Mountains - Mining 3 1
Crescent Mountains - Mining 3 1
Titium Valley - Gathering 3 1
Titium Valley - Gathering 3 1
Bazaar Farmland - Nutmeg 3 1
Bazaar Farmland - Teff 3 1
Shakatu Farmland - Fig 3 1
Shakatu Farmland - Fig 3 1
Shakatu Farmland - Star Anise 3 1
Altas Farmland - Teff 3 1
Altas Farmland - Teff 3 1
Erdal Farm - Pistachio 3 1
Erdal Farm - Date Palm 3 1
Valencia Plantation - Pistachio 3 1
Valencia Plantation - Date Palm 3 1
Valencia Plantation - Freekeh 3 1
Fohalam Farm - Teff 3 1
Fohalam Farm - Teff 3 1
Erdal Farm - Silk Culture, Silk Thread 3 1
Roud Sulfur Works - Excavation 5 2
Duvencrune Farmland - Farming 3 1
Duvencrune Farmland - Farming 3 1
Marak Farm - Farming 3 1
Marak Farm - Farming 3 1
Akum Rocky Mountain - Mining 5 3
Akum Rocky Mountain - Mining 5 3
Khalk Canyon - Mining 5 3
Khalk Canyon - Mining 5 3
Dormann Lumber Camp - Lumbering 5 3
Dormann Lumber Camp - Lumbering 5 3
Khimut Lumber Camp - Lumbering 5 3
Khimut Lumber Camp - Lumbering 5 3
Sherekhan Necropolis - Excavation 3 2
Fountain of Origin - Excavation 3 2
Crypt of Resting Thoughts - Excavation 5 3
Olun's Valley - Mining 5 3
Olun's Valley - Mining 5 2
Mountain of Division - Excavation 3 2
 Improvements on Worker Promotion
We have also begun improvements to the management of workers. For starters, we have reduced the worker promotion test duration and reduced the required EXP for changing worker skills. The upcoming patches will also see several more improvements such as new worker skills. 
  • Reduced the worker promotion test duration to the following:
    • Worker promtion test duration : 24 hours → 8 hours
      • For workers undergoing the promotion test, 16 hours will be deducted from the remaining time during the March 22nd maintenance (UTC).
  • With the adjustments made to the worker promotion test duration, the number of Pearls required for the Worker Instant Promotion has been adjusted according to the remaining time.
  • Adjusted the worker's promotion success rate per level to the following:
    • From Lv. 10 Workers, the success rate will increase by 2% per level, and pass the promotion test to the below rate.
Promotion Worker Lv. 10 Worker Lv. 20 Worker Lv. 30
Normal → Skilled 35% → 50% 55% → 70% 80% → 90%
Skilled → Professional 25% → 30% 35% → 50% 45% → 70%
Professional → Artisan 10% (same) 20% → 30% 30% → 50%
 Reduced the required EXP for Change Worker Skill
  • Reduced the required EXP for one skill change has been reduced to the following:
    • Amount of EXP required to change skill: 50% → 20%

Increased the appearance probability of Professional/Skilled workers.

  • The probability of workers appearing in each city and village upon hiring a worker via [Work Supervisor] NPC has been adjusted for each level.
    • Increased the probability of professional level workers appearing by approximately 2 times.
    • Increased the probability of skilled level workers appearing by appoximately 1.4 times.
    • With the increased probability of professional and skilled workers appearing, the probability of normal level workers appearing has been reduced.
    • Unified the appearing probability of same level workers (Giant, Human, Goblin, etc.) to be equal.
  • However, the appearing probability of workers hired via [Work Supervisor] NPC of Old Wisdom per level remain the same.
  • Fixed so related descriptions match the changes made above.

Increased Exchange Limit of Trade Items for Barter

With this update, we've increased the exchange limit per island for Barter to reduce the fatigue on our Adventurers by shortening the travel route each time you set sail. You can now spend less time to make greater profit, especially for level 5, with the increase in the exchange limit.
As much as Special Barter is enjoyable content available for Sailing, we've removed certain items and replaced them with items that are likely to be more appealing.
We will continue to find ways to not only increase your profit but also allow you to more conveniently enjoy Bartering.
  • Changed the number of times trade items can be exchanged on an island for each level as follows:
Barter Level Trade Item Exchange Limit
Barter Lv. 1 Land Materials → Lv. 1 10 (Before: 6)
Barter Lv. 2 Lv. 1 → Lv. 2 10 (Before: 2)
Barter Lv. 3 Lv. 2 → Lv. 3 10 (Before: 4)
Barter Lv. 4 Lv. 3 → Lv. 4 10 (Before: 6)
Barter Lv. 5 (Inshore) Lv. 4 → Lv. 5 6 (Before: 4)
Barter Lv. 5 (The Great Ocean) Lv. 4 → Lv. 5 4 (Before: 3)
 Changed Barter Land Material Items
  • Barterers signed a contract to exchange new land materials for trade items and have announced they will no longer exchange certain trade items.
    • Changed the items available for Lv. 1 Barter as follows:
    • Added the following seven new items available for Barter:
Fire Horn
Dragon Scale Fossil
Thick Fur
Fancy Reptile Skin
Iron Ingot
Sheep Hide
    • Decreased the quantity of each of the following items required for Barter:
Legendary Beast's Blood
Tyrant's Blood
Tin Ingot
Silk Thread
White Cedar Plank
Tough Hide
Silkworm Cocoon
    • Removed the following items to no longer be available for Barter:
Big Sky Mushroom
Big Cloud Mushroom
Big Emperor Mushroom
Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
Big Tiger Mushroom
Bear Hide
Trace of Forest
  • Changed the Riddle-Me Barter Support Box obtainable from the "Explore" option of the Anchor menu due to the changed list of land material items for Barter.
    • However, the contents of the Riddle-Me Barter Support Box you've already obtained will remain the same.

Improved Special Barter

  • Added the following items to the list of items obtainable from Special Barter:
4 types of DUO (II) Manos Accessory
4 types PRI (I) Manos Accessory
Crow Coin x1800-2000
Crow Coin x1300-1700
Golden Turtle Shell
Obsidian Crystal Bracelet
  • Removed the following items from the list of items obtainable from Special Barter:
Ship upgrade materials
4 types of PRI (I) Geranoa Accessory
  • Changed the required enhancement level of the following blue-grade accessories for Special Barter:
Obtainable Item Before After
Manos Sailor's Clothes  TRI (III) Kagtum Submission Ring  DUO (II)Kagtum Submission Ring
4 types of Manos Accessory  DUO (II)Kagtum Submission Ring  PRI (I) Kagtum Submission Ring
DUO (II) Geranoa Belt  DUO (II) Shrine Guardian Token  PRI (I) Shrine Guardian Token
DUO (II) Geranoa Belt  PRI (I) Tree Spirit Belt  Tree Spirit Belt
DUO (II) Geranoa Necklace  DUO (II)Blue Coral Ring  PRI (I) Blue Coral Ring
Crow Coin x600-800   DUO (II) Kagtum Submission Ring  PRI (I) Kagtum Submission Ring
Crow Coin x600-800   DUO (II)Shrine Guardian Token  PRI (I) Shrine Guardian Token
Crow Coin x600-800   PRI (I) Tree Spirit Belt  Tree Spirit Belt
Crow Coin x600-800   PRI (I) Rainbow Coral Ring  Rainbow Coral Ring
Crow Coin x600-800   PRI (I) Red Coral Earring  Red Coral Earring
Crow Coin x400-500   PRI (I) Ancient Weapon Core  Ancient Weapon Core
  • Changed the probability of obtaining the following items from Special Barter:
Item Changed Probability
Bave Ricksa's Quest Voucher Increased by 100% 
Crow Coin x900-1000 Increased by 19% 
Crow Coin x800-900 Increased by 40% 
Crow Coin x700-800 Increased by 61% 
Crow Coin x600-800 Decreased by 10% 
Crow Coin x400-500 Increased by 13% 
Crow Coin x200-300 Increased by 37% 
  • Removed the following items from the list of required items for Special Barter:
Fine Lightweight Plume
Fine Tough Hide
Fine Thick Fur
Cotton Fabric
Flax Fabric
  • Added Lv. 3 trade items to the list of items required for Special Barter.
  • With the removal of ship upgrade materials from Special Barter, the same Special Barter will now appear regardless of the number of Barters.

Quest to Reobtain [Sailing] Torn Treasure Map Piece

Following the previous barter update, today's update brings improvements to the Torn Treasure Map Piece items used to upgrade a ship's stats. For Torn Treasure Map Pieces, which could only be obtained through Saltwater Crocodiles, specific pieces were required to complete the map. Over time, unnecessary pieces would accumulate, so we've added a new way to obtain Torn Treasure Map Pieces to prevent such an inconvenience.
  • The Old Moon Guild has started proposing new deals for adventurers who've set sail in search of treasures in the Great Ocean.
    • We've added a new quest where you can obtain a new Torn Treasure Map Piece. Hand over Torn Treasure Map Piece x2 and Ravinia's Moss Remover x3 to Elro of Oquilla's Eye for the quest.
Quest Objective Reward
[Repeat] New Treasure Map Piece Hand over Torn Treasure Map Piece x2 to Elro.
Hand over Ravinia's Moss Remover x3 to Elro.
Torn Treasure Map Piece Box
  You can obtain a new Torn Treasure Map Piece x1 according to a set probability upon opening the Torn Treasure Map Piece Box.

Improved Hunting Matchlock Controls

  • Improved the following controls with your Matchlock equipped:
    • Improved to stand up and run instead of roll when pressing L2/LT + ↑ while crouching.
    • Fixed the issue where holding L1/LB while crouched would make your character rapidly and continuously stand up and crouch.
  • Fixed the issue where reloading your Matchlock while mounted after consuming Hunter's Salad or Khalk's Fermented Wine would decrease the number of loads to 3 for characters of at least Hunting Guru 1.

  • Unified the following logs in the Adventure Log Bookshelf.
    • Shakatu Merchants' Archive: [Deve's Encyclopedia, Alustin's Alchemy, Dorin Morgrim's Secrets]
    • Crow Merchants' Records: [Rulupee's Travels, Caphras' Record]
    • Old Moon Logs: [Book of Margahan, Herald's Journal]
  • Adjusted the conditions to obtain certain Adventure Logs.
Unified Logs Conditions Before Conditions After
Igor Bartali's Adventures
(Igor Bartali's Adventures)
◆ Reach Lv. 51
◆ Complete one of the following quests
◇ Looking for Adventurers,[Boss] Witch of Horrors, or [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6
No change
Shakatu Merchants' Archive:
(Deve's Encyclopedia, Alustin's Alchemy, Dorin Morgrim's Secrets)
◆ Reach Lv. 57
◆ At least Family Fame 601
◆ Complete Awakening (Talent/Ascension) on your character
◆ Reach Lv. 57
◆ Complete the "[Adventure Log] Shakatu Merchants' Archive" quest via the Black Spirit

▼ Unlocks the following 3 logs at once:
Deve's Encyclopedia
Alustin's Alchemy
Dorin Morgrim's Secrets
◆ Reach Lv. 61 or complete the "[O'dyllita] Keepsake of Ataraxia" quest
◆ Reach Lv. 59
Crow Merchants' Records
(Rulupee's Travels, Caphras' Record)
◆ Reach Lv. 55

◆ Reach Lv. 55
◆ Complete the "[Adventure Log] Crow Merchants' Records" quest via the Black Spirit

▼ Unlocks the following 2 logs at once:
Rulupee's Travels
Caphras' Record - Vol. 2

◆ Proceed with the O'dyllita main questline
Old Moon Logs
(Book of Margahan, Herald's Journal)
◆ Reach Lv. 58
◆ Receive and complete the "Adventure Log: Agris, the Ancient Secret" quest via the Black Spirit.
◆ Accept and complete the "Adventure Log: The Book of Secret in Veil" quest.
◆ Reach Lv. 58
◆ Complete [Adventure Log] Old Moon Logs via the Black Spirit.

▼Unlock the following 2 logs at once:
Book of Margahan
Herald's Journal
◆ Obtain NPC Rubin Knowledge
◆ Reach Lv. 58




To help adventurers utilize their Central Market warehouse more efficiently, we have reduced the weight (VT) of equipment, accessories, and most other items by a significant amount. Now, equipment items such as weapons and armor only weigh 1/5 of their previous weight, and accessories will weigh 1/4 of their previous weight. Additionally, we've reduced the weight for items obtained in large quantities from killing monsters, i.e. Black Stones and Caphras Stones, and elixirs.

Reduced Weight of Items in the Central Market Warehouse

  • Weight (VT) of items in the Central Market Warehouse has been changed as follows:
Item Category Before After

All Equipment (except Tools)
(Weapons, Armor, Fishing Rods, Floats, etc.)
50 VT 10 VT

All Accessories
20 VT 5 VT
All Materials 0.1 VT 0.1 VT (unchanged)
Pearl Items 0 VT 0 VT (unchanged)

▲ All Other Items

(Black Stone, Memory Fragment, Caphras Stone, Ancient Relic Crystal Shard, Elixirs, etc.)

1 VT 0.3 VT

Added Simple Alchemy Recipe to Convert Green-grade [Party] Elixir Blue-grade [Party] Elixir.

Compared to blue-grade party elixirs, green-grade party elixirs have always paled in the strength of their buff effects and longevity of their durations. Equally worse was there being no means to convert a green-grade party elixir to its blue-grade counterpart if you had crafted one by accident. Hence, we’ve added a Simple Alchemy recipe that will allow you to craft blue-grade party elixirs for such situations. You will need to purchase Ibellab’s Essence from a material vendor for this recipe, and Mass Process is also available as well.
  • Added a Simple Alchemy recipe to process three green-grade party elixirs into one blue-grade party elixir.
    • You can use Ibellab's Essence x1 with the Simple Alchemy recipe below to mass process 10 party elixirs at once.
    • You can purchase the Blue Reagent and Ibellab's Essence from a material vendor NPC for 50,000 Silver and 10,000 Silver, respectively.
Simple Alchemy
Green-grade [Party] Elixir x3 + Blue Reagent x1 = Blue-grade [Party] Elixir x1
Material 1 Material 2 Result
[Party] Elixir of Amity x3
[Party] Elixir of Thorn x3
[Party] Resurrection Elixir x3
[Party] Elixir of Human Hunt x3
[Party] Elixir of Frenzy x3
[Party] Golden Hand Elixir x3
[Party] Elixir of Draining x3
[Party] Elixir of Demihuman Hunt x3
[Party] Elixir of Perforation x3
[Party] Elixir of Energy x3
[Party] Elixir of Wings x3
[Party] Elixir of Death x3
[Party] Elixir of Wind x3
[Party] Elixir of Swiftness x3
[Party] Elixir of Spells x3
[Party] Elixir of Seal x3
[Party] Elixir of Assassination x3
[Party] Elixir of Detection x3
[Party] Elixir of Concentration x3
[Party] Elixir of Will x3
[Party] Elixir of Fury x3
[Party] Elixir of Resistance x3
[Party] Elixir of Life x3
[Party] Elixir of Mentality x3
[Party] Grim Reaper's Elixir x3
[Party] EXP Elixir x3
[Party] Defense Elixir x3
[Party] Elixir of Carnage x3
[Party] Elixir of Sky x3
[Party] Elixir of Endurance x3
[Party] Worker's Elixir x3
[Party] Fisher's Elixir x3
[Party] Griffon's Elixir x3
[Party] Elixir of Time x3
[Party] Elixir of Training x3
[Party] Elixir of Shock x3
[Party] Weenie Elixir x3
[Party] Looney Elixir x3
[Party] Helix Elixir x3
[Party] Elixir of Skill x3
[Party] Elixir of Mastery x3
[Party] Elixir of Labor x3
[Party] Elixir of Armor x3
Blue Reagent x1 [Party] Improved Elixir of Amity x1
[Party] Elixir of Sharp Thorn x1
[Party] Strong Resurrection Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Perfect Human Hunt x1
[Party] Elixir of Endless Frenzy x1
[Party] Glorious Golden Hand Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Strong Draining x1
[Party] Fierce Demihuman Hunting Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Brutal Perforation x1
[Party] Surging Energy Elixir x1
[Party] Soaring Wings Elixir x1
[Party] Brutal Death Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Flowing Wind x1
[Party] Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness x1
[Party] Elixir of Agile Spells x1
[Party] Agile Seal Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Lethal Assassin x1
[Party] Elixir of Sharp Detection x1
[Party] Elixir of Advanced Concentration x1
[Party] Elixir of Remarkable Will x1
[Party] Elixir of Endless Fury x1
[Party] Elixir of Sharp Resistance x1
[Party] Elixir of Strong Life x1
[Party] Elixir of Clear Mentality x1
[Party] Grim Soul Reaper's Elixir x1
[Party] Splendid EXP Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Steel Defense x1
[Party] Elixir of Brutal Carnage x1
[Party] Merciless Sky Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Overwhelming Endurance x1
[Party] Skilled Worker's Elixir x1
[Party] Skilled Fisher's Elixir x1
[Party] Strong Griffon's Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Flowing Time x1
[Party] Elixir of Expert Training x1
[Party] Elixir of Strong Shock x1
[Party] Surging Weenie Elixir x1
[Party] Reliable Looney Elixir x1
[Party] Splendid Helix Elixir x1
[Party] Elixir of Infinite Skill x1
[Party] Elixir of Improved Mastery x1
[Party] Elixir of Rough Labor x1
[Party] Elixir of Corrupted Armor x1

 [Farming] Added Recipes for Special Seed/HyphaMagical Seed/Hypha

A method of obtaining Magical Seeds (Hypha) using Special Seeds (Hypha) has been added, so now you can easily cultivate your garden when you need to change your crops or need additional Magical crops.
  • Added a new crafting recipe for Magical Seeds using Special Seed, Mysterious Seed, and Purified Water. You must be at least Farming Master 1.
    • Processing - Shaking: Special Seed x1 + Mysterious Seed x2 + Purified Water x10
    • Increased the slots for Shaking from 2 to 3 slots with the addition of the new crafting recipe.
Special Strawberry Seed
Special Pepper Seed
Special Garlic Seed
Special Onion Seed
Special Hot Pepper Seed
Special Pumpkin Seed
Special Carrot Seed
Special Delotia Seeds
Special Grape Seed
Special Sunflower Seed
Special Olive Seed
Special Tomato Seed
Special Paprika Seed
Special Seed Potato
Special Barley Seed
Special Wheat Seed
Special Corn Seed
Special Seed Sweet Potato
Special Sunrise Herb Seed
Special Silver Azalea Seed
Special Fire Flake Flower Seed
Special Dry Mane Grass Seed
Special Silk Honey Grass Seed
Special Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha
Special Arrow Mushroom Hypha
Special Dwarf Mushroom Hypha
Special Cloud Mushroom Hypha
Special Sky Mushroom Hypha
Special Tiger Mushroom Hypha
Special Emperor Mushroom Hypha
Special Ghost Mushroom Hypha
Special Fog Mushroom Hypha
Special Hump Mushroom Hypha
Special Bluffer Mushroom Hypha
Special Ancient Mushroom Hypha
Special Amanita Mushroom Hypha
Special Nolina Seed
Special Penestraria Seed
Special Dalvenia Alrea Seed
Special Bouquet Mushroom Hypha
Special Leccinum Hypha
Special Purple Mushroom Hypha
Special Pie Mushroom Hypha
Special Acacia Seed
Special Haystack
Special Chicken Feed

[Farming] Improved Mysterious Crop Fruit Harvest

One of the means to obtain fruit items, essential ingredients for certain alchemy recipes, was via Mysterious crops. In order to increase the appeal of this method, we decided to double the amount of fruits produced through breeding Mysterious crops.
  • Doubled the amount of each fruit type produced through breeding Mysterious crops.
    • You can now obtain between 30 to 40 fruits through breeding Mysterious crops.
Seed Names
Mysterious Hot Pepper Seed
Mysterious Amanita Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Cloud Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Leccinum Hypha
Mysterious Dwarf Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Nolina Seed
Mysterious Dalvenia Alrea Seed
Mysterious Carrot Seed
Mysterious Strawberry Seed
Mysterious Garlic Seed
Mysterious Dry Mane Grass Seed
Mysterious Wheat Seed
Mysterious Barley Seed
Mysterious Silk Honey Grass Seed
Mysterious Bouqet Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Seed Potato
Mysterious Seed Sweet Potato
Mysterious Acacia Seed
Mysterious Fog Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Onion Seed
Mysterious Sunrise Herb Seed
Mysterious Corn Seed
Mysterious Olive Seed
Mysterious Ghost Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Silver Azalea Seed
Mysterious Fortune Teller Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Ancient Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Tomato Seed
Mysterious Pie Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Paprika Seed
Mysterious Penestraria Seed
Mysterious Grape Seed
Mysterious Sky Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Sunflower Seed
Mysterious Bluffer Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Tiger Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Pumpkin Seed
Mysterious Hump Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Arrow Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Fire Flake Flower Seed
Mysterious Emperor Mushroom Hypha
Mysterious Pepper Seed
Mysterious Delotia Seed
Mysterious Purple Mushroom Hypha

Improved Dragon Scale Fossil for Advice of Valks Exchange

Prior to the quality of life update to the Enhancement UI, the Dragon Scale Fossil to Advice of Valks exchange was the main source of acquiring stacks for enhancement. With today’s update, we’ve made further improvements to that exchange. Not only have we lessened the required number of fossils to exchange for Advice of Valks (+20) and (+40) but we’ve also added Advice of Valks (+30) and (+50) to the exchange system. We hope this makes it easier for our Adventurers to acquire the right stack when they need it.
  • Improved the exchange system for obtaining Advice of Valks with Dragon Scale Fossils.
    • NPC Ulan of Eilton has begun exchanging Dragon Scale Fossils for Advice of Valks.
    • Items available for exchange with Dragon Scale Fossils are as follows:

Required Item

Exchange Item
Dragon Scale Fossil x20 Advice of Valks (+20) x1
Dragon Scale Fossil x50 Advice of Valks (+30) x1
Dragon Scale Fossil x150 Advice of Valks (+40) x1
Dragon Scale Fossil x400 Advice of Valks (+50) x1
  • NPCs for Exchanging Dragon Scale Fossils
    • NPCs who can exchange Dragon Scale Fossils for Advice of Valks are as follows:
Region NPC
Velia Tachros
Heidel Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
Calpheon Valks
Altinova Abdul Jaum
Valencia City Rabam
Sand Grain Bazaar Amir
Grána Hazel Azealia
Duvencrune Akasak
O'draxxia Samala Elsha

Cloud Accessory and Dreamy Cloud Stone Exchange

  • Cloud accessories have been changed to Capotia accessories of the same enhancement level.
    • The selectable reward for "Special Accessory for Growth Support!" from Challenges has been changed from a TRI (III) Cloud accessory → TRI (III) Capotia accessory.
  • Dreamy Cloud Stones, which were used to enhance Cloud accessories, have been changed to Dream Crystals of Balance.
    • The quest "Dreamy Cloud Stones!" has been changed to "Dreamy Crystal of Balance!"
◆ Special Accessory for Growth Support!" can be completed once per family, and those who obtained Cloud accessories and Dreamy Cloud Stones before the March 22nd update (UTC) can cannot attain additional accessories from this quest.
◇ For those who were unable to obtain all Dreamy Cloud Stones, you can complete the rest of the Challenges with Dreamy Crystals of Balance.

TRI(III) Capotia Accessory Challenge (Formerly the Challenge for Cloud Accesories)
1. You can obtain one of the four TRI (III) Capotia accessories through "Special Accessory for Growth Support!" from Challenges.
2. You can obtain one Dreamy Crystal of Balance per day through "Dreamy Crystal of Balance!" by logging in daily. (Up to 21)
3. You can have a guaranteed enhancement of a TRI (III) Capotia accessory to TET (IV) with 7 Dreamy Crystals of Balance.
4. You can have a guaranteed enhancement of a TET (IV) Capotia accessory to PEN (V) with 14 Dreamy Crystals of Balance.
※ PEN (V) Capotia accessory has the same stats as a TET (IV) offensive accessory.

Exchange PEN (V) Capotia accessory to another Capotia accessory

  • The quest reward of "[EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory," where you can exchange PEN (V) Capotia accessory to another Capotia accessory, has been changed from Drained Crystal of Balance to Dreamy Crystal of Balance.
  • Limited to once a day, you can exchange PEN (V) Capotia accessory to another Capotia accessory of the same enhancement level.
    • You can accept and proceed the quest via [Old Moon Guild Manager] Jetina.
      • Jetina can easily be found using the Menu → Function → Find NPC.
Quest Objective Rewards
[EXC] A New Choice:
PEN (V) Capotia Accessory
Hand over
PEN (V) Capotia Accessory to
[Old Moon Guild Manager] Jetina

Basic Reward
Dreamy Crystal of Balance x14

▼ Choose one of the following:
TET (IV) Capotia

Quest Progress Notice
◆ You can complete the quest only when you have accessories required for the quest in your inventory.
◆ If you have reformed your accessories, you need to extract reform stone from them to progress and complete the quest.

Unify Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill + Added Mercenary's Life Buff (Removed : 03/23/2023 06:37 UTC)
* This will be added at a later date and announced via the patch notes.

With this update, we've added an additional daily choice in an item that can grant you a Life EXP buff. Now Adventurers who enjoy Life-Skilling content can opt for the Mercenary's Life item for a boost to Life EXP gains every day. Just like Mercenary's Experience, Mercenary's Life can be claimed from Challenges and stored away so you can use them whenever you please.

  • Added Mercenary's Life (60 min).
    • Effects: Life EXP +50% for 60 min
      • You can craft Mercenary's Life (Life EXP +150%) via Simple Alchemy with three Mercenary's Life (Life EXP +50%).
  • Unified the items Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill, which were acquired through the daily challenge "Daily Blood Frenzy!"
    • You can obtain Mercenary's Experience with the combined effects of Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30% through "Daily Blood Frenzy!"
      • This item's effects cannot be stacked with the original Mercenary' Experience and Mercenary's Skill.
  • Items with higher buffs can be crafted through Simple Alchemy with three "Mercenary's Experience".
  • Changed the daily rewards from the "Daily Blood Frenzy!" Challenge to Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Life.
  • Added 50 Contribution EXP to the base reward for "Daily Blood Frenzy!"
    • The name of said Challenge has been changed to reflect the update.

Crafting with the original Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill
Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill, which could be obtained from Daily Challenges, can now be combined through Simple Alchemy as follows:
◇ The Simple Alchemy formula for Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30%) is as follows:
- Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +100%) x2 + Mercenary's Skill (Skill EXP +15%) x2
- Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +200%) x1 + Mercenary's Skill (Skill EXP +30%) x1
◇ The Simple Alchemy formula for Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +600% and Skill EXP +90%) is as follows:
- Mercenary's Experience (Combat EXP +600%) x1 + Mercenary's Skill (Skill EXP +90%) x1
- Added text regarding Simple Alchemy to Mercenary's Experience and Mercenary's Skill description according to the update mentioned above.
  • Added Destruction Chance text to crystal item descriptions.
    • Destruction chances only apply to Adventurers who have negative karma.
  • Changed so that Reminiscence of Battle items cannot be transported through the storage "Transport" function.




Though following a previous update, Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory has been obtainable through tanning subjugated monsters with the effects of Gathering Mastery 2000 being applied, we've confirmed that effects of your original Mastery Level has been being influencing the Item Drop Rate as well. Instead of fixing the abnormal application of Mastery Level effects, we taken a different approach to improving the system once more by increasing the Item Drop Rate, while still keeping your original Mastery Level from influencing the Item Drop Rate.
  • Fixed the issue of your Gathering Mastery level influencing the gathering of Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory at Navarn Steppe.
    • Increased the probability to obatin Valtarra's Memory at Navarn Steppe by 1.3.
  • When gathering from monsters with the following tanning knives at Navarn Steppe, "Gathering Item Drop Rate (with Tanning Knife) +50%" will be applied to the probability of obtaining Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Memory.
Tanning Knife
Old Tanning Knife
Improved Tanning Knife
Sharp Tanning Knife
Steel Tanning Knife
Shining Steel Tanning Knife
Manos Tanning Knife
Dostter Steel Tanning Knife
Loggia Tanning Knife
Leight's Tanning Knife
    • The buff granted from equipping this tool does not stack with the Item Drop Rate granted by Gathering Mastery.
      • Applied upon equipping a tanning knife that does not have the text highlighted above.
Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins are not easily accessible when compared to other zones, but they provide a unique underwater atmosphere. To reinforce this underwater theme, we've added the "Protty's Song" buff which will act as a unique mechanic of these underwater zones. There are two different types of Protty's Songs, and the buff will steadily increase in power as you spend more time in a zone. Also, we've increased the prices of junk items dropped from monsters in Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins Upper Zone. With these changes, defeating monsters in these zones for a longer period of time will be a more enjoyable experience than before.

Improvements to Loot from Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)

  • Changed the price of an item that drops from enemies in Protty Cave. (The price of items obtained prior to this change will remain unchanged)
    • Protty Fin 2,100 Silver → 10,500 Silver
  • Increased the drop rate of Ancient Seal - Red Shard from enemies in Protty Cave by 20%.
  • Changed the price of items that drop from defeated enemies in Sycraia Underwater Ruins. (The price of items obtained prior to this change will remain unchanged)
    • Destroyed Ancient Weapon Power Stone 2,350 Silver → 6,110 Silver

Protty's Song Buff (Additional Effects Over Time)

  • Added the Protty's Song buff that can stack up to Level 5 in Protty Cave and Padix Island.
  • Added the Protty's Song buff that can stack up to Level 5 in Sycraia Underwater Ruins Upper Zone and Abyssal Zone.
Protty Cave, Padix Island Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone, Abyssal Zone)
Level 1: Item Drop Rate +2% Level 1: Monster Damage Reduction +2
Level 2: Item Drop Rate +4% Level 2: Extra AP Against Monsters +2, Monster Damage Reduction +2
Level 3: Item Drop Rate +6% Level 3: Extra AP Against Monsters +4, Monster Damage Reduction +4
Level 4: Item Drop Rate +8% Level 4: Extra AP Against Monsters +7, Monster Damage Reduction +7
Level 5: Item Drop Rate +10% Level 5: Extra AP Against Monsters +10, Monster Damage Reduction +10
    • Buffs will apply immediately upon picking up a Protty's Song item.
    • You must obtain a certain amount of Protty's Song items to level up the buff.
    • If you have not yet reached the required amount of Protty's Song items to progress to the next level upon collecting one, the duration of your current buff will be refreshed instead.
    • The duration of the Protty's Song buff will stop depleting when the characer is offline.
    • Your progress toward the next level of Protty's Song will reset upon changing servers, moving to the character select screen, or leaving the zone.



Quest, Knowledge

Land of Morning Light and the Ratt Delegation

  • Located at the very edge of the Great Ocean, Port Ratt has been newly christened Nampo harbor, the gateway to the Land of the Morning Light. The NPCs of what was formerly Port Ratt have now been sent out as the Ratt Delegation to Oquilla's Eye, where they now proudly represent the Land of the Morning Light.
    • You cannot approach Nampo harbor until the Land of the Morning Light is released. [Preview of the World Map]
      • All NPCs/mounts/gardens, etc., once located in former Port Ratt/Vadabin Sea/Juur Sea/Nada Island/Mariul Island/Zagam Island have all been relocated to Oquilla's Eye.

Oquilla's Eye

  • With the reveal of the new territory, the former hub of Port Ratt in the Great Ocean has shifted to Oquilla's Eye. Resurrecting in the Great Ocean will now relocate you to Oquilla's Eye instead of Port Ratt or Lema Island.
    • Great numbers of adventurers are expected to frequent Oquilla's Eye while traversing the Great Ocean. As a result, the residents of Oquilla's Eye are also worried about a sudden rise of outlaws.
      • Changed certain areas of Oquilla's Eye into safe zones.
      • Changed so that you will be resurrected into a safe zone of Oquilla's Eye.
      • Changed so that using the Old Moon Flare will move you to Oquilla's Eye instead of Port Ratt.
  • [Old Moon Guild Officer] Herrad Romsen has relinquished his role as guild officer to Ravikel and taken up the role of [Storage Keeper].
  • Greet Oquilla's new storage keeper Herrad Romsen on behalf of the Ratt Delegation to receive a quest that will reward you with the residence item "Memories of Port Ratt" jukebox. (Available once per family)
    • You will receive the title [Port Ratt Remembers] upon completing the quest.

Great Ocean

  • The ferry that once brought adventurers to Port Ratt is in need of repair, and thus has paused operations for a certain period of time.
  • Changed certain regions, ocean currents, and sea storms of Margoria, Juur, and the Vadabin Seas.
  • Relocated Haran and his crew, who navigated ocean currents to the Margoria Sea.
    • Changed the location of Shipwrecked Cargo Ship.
  • The Goldmont Pirate Territory, Black Rust Habitat, and Nineshark Habitat have all been moved from Port Ratt to nearby Oquilla's Eye.

Update Details
Category Criteria Changes (if any)
Mounts, Characters, Other Mounts, garden/fences, and characters located in Port Ratt, Vadabin and Juur Seas, Nada, Mariul, and Zagam Islands Mount and Characters: Moved to Oquilla's Eye
Fence: Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage
Port Ratt ferry Discontinued
Items Items stored in containers of campsites and/or inventory of mounts located in the Vadabin, Juur, and Margoria Seas near the Land of the Morning Light continent Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage
Port Ratt Wharf Expansion Coupons (Used/in possession) Changed to Nampo Wharf Expansion Coupons and moved to Heidel storage
Items/mounts stored in Port Ratt storage/wharf Moved to Oquilla's Eye storage/wharf
[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs crafting materials Moved location of treasure chest used with the Ocean Horizon Key
Old Moon Flare Using in the Great Ocean now moves you to Oquilla’s Eye instead of Port Ratt
Contents Contribution Points (CP) invested in nodes and production nodes of Nada, Zagam, and Mariul Islands CP refunded to Family
Workers at Nada Island's Fish Drying Yard 1 and 2

Workers: all tasks completed

Production results: transferred to the storage in Oquilla's Eye

Trade Good origins Port Ratt → Margoria Sea
Wharf usage (supply, repair, etc.) Port Ratt wharf → Oquilla’s Eye wharf
Trade managers from former Port Ratt Unavailable
Gathering items in updated regions Unavailable
Background Former Port Ratt regions Unavailable
Ocean currents and storms Changes to certain ocean currents and storms in Margoria, Juur, and Vadabin Seas
Monster Great Ocean monsters Changed the location of the Goldmont Pirate Territory, Black Rust Habitat, and Nineshark monster zones
NPC All NPCs located in Port Ratt, Nada/Zagam/Mariul Island Move to Oquilla's Eye
Barter NPCs for Margoria's Star in the Great Ocean Changed Shipwrecked Cargo Ship location
NPC lines Changed certain lines
Quest Quests from Port Ratt Village, Nada/Zagam/Mariul Island Can be accepted and carried out through NPCs in Oquilla's Eye
Knowledge Knowledge description Changes to certain descriptions
Knowledge Category "Residents of Port Ratt" Category name changed to "Those Who Left Nampo"
Character Knowledge: Obtain by talking with Ratt Delegation NPCs
(Same method as before)
Knowledge Category "Margoria Sea" Margoria Sea knowledge: Obtain by exploring the region
(Same method as before)
※ Since you can no longer explore the islands of Zagam, Mariul, and Nada, you will need to talk with Zawoon, Daenata, and Katio of the Ratt Delegation
Knowledge Category "Oceanic Creatures" Obtain by talking with the Ratt Delegation
(Same method as before)
Knowledge Category "Margoria Adventure Journal I" Obtain via questline
(Same method as before)
Knowledge "Ocean of Destiny" Obtain via Mysterious Painting 4: Goldmont Fleet questline
(Same method as before)
    • With the origin of Port Ratt trade goods now being changed to the Margoria Sea, there may be changes to the price of certain trade goods after the official server update.

Improvements to Oquilla's Eye Daily Sailing Quests (Combat)

Many Adventurers who wish to craft a carrack are doing daily sailing quests, and they have pointed out how prerequisite quests can cause inconveniences by extending sailing routes. To solve this problem, we removed the prerequisites for daily sailing quests so you can plan out efficient sailing routes that encompass all your quest objectives at once. Furthermore, you can now receive all rewards from completing these quests instead of selecting one reward.
  • Changed the following quests so you can accept and progress them without completing prerequisite quests.
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Candidum Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Nineshark Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Black Rust Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Candidum Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Nineshark Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Black Rust Hunter
      • However, you can still choose and progress only one regular sea monster quest or young sea monster quest a day.
  • The objectives of the following quests have been changed, and their rewards now match regular sea monster quests.
Quest Objective Reward
[Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Candidum Hunter Defeat Young Candidum
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Moon Scale Plywood x5 → x10
[Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Nineshark Hunter Defeat Young Nineshark
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Moon Vein Flax Fabric x1 → x3
[Daily] Old Moon Guild's Young Black Rust Hunter Young Black Rust
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Abyssal Gem x1 → Tear of the Ocean x1

Improvements to Oquilla's Eye Daily Sailing Quests (Barter)

  • Changed the following quests so you receive all the rewards instead of choosing only one.
Quest Objective Rewards
[Daily] Ravikel's Test Barter 5 Times ▼ Obtain All of the Following Rewards
Sailing Skill EXP
Oquilla Coin x1
Pure Pearl Crystal x2
Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue x8
Bright Reef Piece x8
[Daily] For the Serendian Soldiers Barter 10 Times ▼ Obtain All of the Following Rewards
Sailing Skill EXP
Oquilla Coin x1
Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood x10
Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Expert) x1

Skip Tutorial Cutscenes with 1 Run-through

Previously, you had to complete a certain quest along with the tutorial with one character in your Family in order to skip the cutscenes in the Tutorial. Now, even adventurers who have not met those requirements can skip those cutscenes as well.
  • Improved the skip feature for tutorial cutscenes unlocked after completing the tutorial once as follows:
    • Before: Complete the tutorial once and the "[Tutorial] Black Spirit's Behest" quest to skip the cutscenes.
    • Now: Complete the tutorial once to skip the cutscenes.
      • You can acquire the "You Were the Key" Knowledge during the tutorial.
      • Adventurers who completed the previous conditions to skip the cutscene before this update will acquire the knowledge "You Were the Key" with this update.

Skip Balenos Main Questline Cutscenes with 1 Run-through

  • Improved the skip feature for Balenos main questline cutscenes unlocked after completing the questlines once as follows:
    • Before: Complete "[Balenos] Journey's End" quest once to skip the cutscenes.
    • After: Complete the main questline once to skip the cutscenes.
      • You can no longer accept the "[Balenos] Journey's End" quest, which was completed once per Family.

  • Added a quest where you look around the Griffon transportation field and fishing spots in Velia during the Balenos main questline.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't summon Khalk in the "Injured Hunter" quest while being a party member.
  • During the main questline in Balenos, some of the monster positions have been adjusted to make use of the ladder in Cron Castle.
  • During the main questline in Balenos, Giath's message will now appear at the bottom of the screen rather than it's original placement.



Conquest War, Node War

"Get the upgrade materials for Flame Tower/Barricade!" "What do we need?" "How many do we need to upgrade Flame Tower?"
Now you'll no longer need to worry about the Node War tier versus the type of annex you're trying to upgrade. Upgrade any annex with just 10 Iron Ingots and 10 Melted Copper Shards, which we hope will make your Node/Conquest Wars slightly less strenuous.

Unified Node/Conquest War Annex Upgrade Materials

  • Unified the materials needed to upgrade Barricade and Flame Tower/Hwacha as follows:
Barricade Upgrade Materials (Tiers 1-4, Conquest War/Sturdy Barricade)
Annex Before After
Barricade (Tiers 1-4, Conquest War) Iron Ingot x30
Melted Copper Shard x15
Iron Ingot x10
Melted Copper Shard x10
Sturdy Barricade Iron Ingot x10
Melted Copper Shard x5
Flame Tower/Hwacha Upgrade material (Tier 3-4, Conquest War)
Annex Before After
Flame Tower/Hwacha Steel x100
Melted Platinum Shard x50
Iron Ingot x10
Melted Copper Shard x10

Expanded Authority for Guild Skills

  • Changed the guild skills "Command to Gather," "Battle Command to Gather," "Breath of Life," and "Blessing of Battle" to now be useable by Guild Staff and Secretaries.
    • Guild Positions with Authority
      • Before: Guild Master/Advisor
      • After: Guild Master/Advisor/Staff/Secretary

Change in requirements for participation opportunities to be restored (Added : 03/27/2023 01:25 UTC)

  • The minimum requirements for participation opportunities to be restored for Node War have been changed as follows:
    • Before: total number of enemy forts destroyed or enemies defeated/killed is 20 or greater
    • After: total number of enemy forts destroyed or enemies defeated/killed is 50 or greater



Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

  • Removed some objects in Calpheon City to lessen interruptions while auto-navigating on your mount. [Preview]




  • Changed some UI that previews content in Black Desert.
    • This UI will be displayed for adventurers who reach a certain level and enter a Safe Zone.
      • The level at which the UI will be displayed has been changed from Lv. 50-52 to Lv. 57.
    • The content displayed in the UI has been changed and marked with a "NEW" icon.
  • Updated guild skill information regarding the guild positions authorized to use said skill.
  • Improved the alert displayed when lacking inventory space to open a box item to now mention the specific inventory (Pearl, Family, etc.).
  • Improved the conditions and requirements for the guild skill "Command to Gather!" to be more clear.




Previously, it took an hour to use Character Transport between towns via the Character Selection window. As an one hour requirement for Character Transport is deemed to be a bit too long now, we have adjusted it to 20 minutes. We hope that this will make it easier for adventurers to relocate characters scattered across the Black Desert world or transport sub-characters somewhere else.

Adjustment to the time required in Character Transport system

  • Changed the time required for Character Transport from the Character Selection window from an hour to 20 minutes.

  • The times for Node Wars, Conquest Wars, Trade Wagons, and World Bosses have been adjusted by an hour due to the end of NA/EU summer time.
  • Changed so the Guild Secretary and Guild Staff can now edit the Guild Introduction and manage the Guild Guestbook.
  • Server optimization has been processed when obtaining rewards after defeating World Boss.



Modified or Changed

  • [Wizard] Fixed the issues of the Tempyrion outfit being displayed abnormally.
  • [Wizard] Fixed an issue where when using the Garnier Guitar, the appearance of the Garnier Guitar was abnormal compared to other classes.
  • [Wizard] Fixed an issue where the effects of the Glorious Arsha Godr Sphera did not appear as intended.
  • [Wizard, Nova (Awakening), Woosa] Fixed the issue of the feather effects not displaying properly while wearing the Kibelius Divinus Armor.
  • [Tamer] Beast Rampage - Fixed the issue of the sound effects not being played.
  • [Archer, Sage] Fixed the issue where your character's movement was abnormal when attempting to move backward while moving laterally out of combat.
  • [Guardian] Gate Crasher - Fixed the issue of playing another skill demo after this skill's demo would display your weapon abnormally.
  • [Drakania] Black Spirit: Hexeblood/Dragonblood: Tectonic Slam - Fixed the issue where your wing's animations appeared abnormal while wearing the Kibelius Armor.
  • [Woosa] Fixed the issue where your character's voice sounded abnormal during Black Spirit's Training.
  • Fixed the issue where the non-combat stance appeared abnormally upon equipping the awakening weapon for [Woosa] within the Dye window of the Pearl Shop.
  • Fixed the issue of Hunting Boss alerts not being updated for Blue Whale or Khalk appearances.
  • Fixed the issue where Guild Secretary was not able to summon Guild Boss Ancient Puturum, Ferrid and Giant Mudster.
  • Fixed the issue of Ulutuka being able to travel abnormally long distances than intended.
  • Fixed the issue where your character would clip through monsters during combat in cutscenes.
  • Fixed the issue where the Node/Conquest War Annex Assembly Tool was displaying incorrect number of ingredients to build certain annexes.
  • Fixed the issue where entries of certain dates and time in the Journal weren't displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of Silver displayed in the Knowledge Management UI differs from the actual amound of Silver held.
  • Fixed the issue where the Appoint Master button was not displayed for players of certain positions in a situation where the Guild Master could be appointed.
  • Fixed the issue where a message saying "you don't have permission" pops up when Guild Advisor tries to change Guild Bonus distribution tier individually.
  • Fixed the issue where a production node without invested Contribution Points (CP) would appear as if it had CP invested in it.
  • Fixed the issue of rocks being displayed unnaturally in certain areas of Asula Highland.
  • Fixed the issue of a specific location in the cave within Exploding Fireworks displaying too brightly.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the Item Collection Increase Scroll in certain languages, certain UI elements did not appear as intended.
  • Fixed the issue where the Golden Bell system alert would overlap with world system alerts.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest related item description was different within the [Alchemy] The Final Test quest description.
  • Fixed the Enhancement UI to properly display the correct text when failing to enhance the Silver Embroidered Life Clothes.
  • Fixed an issue where the key guides of the Bartering UI would overlap.
  • Fixed the issue of the Golem's Left Arm being displayed as Demihuman.
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot search for the housing with the furniture workshop on the World Map (M) for the Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a name for a worker was not functioning as intended.

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