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Notices [Notice] Actions on Abnormal Item Use under Certain Conditions
Black Desert 2024-01-10 08:00

Greetings, Adventurers,


On December 29, 2023 (Fri), we identified an issue where the Gold Bar 1G item could be used abnormally, which led us to conduct a temporary on December 28 (Thu.) at 21:00(UTC) to fix this issue.


As we announced in [December 29, 2023 (Fri) Temporary Maintenance Update Details], we perform an exhaustive investigation into all cases related to this issue. Please refer below for the results of this investigation.


Based on our investigations, we have confirmed the following cases that abused this issue and took the following actions in accordance with our Operational Policy:


■ Accounts Restricted for Violating the Operational Policy

- Restriction Date: January 10, 2024 (Wed)

- Restriction Details: Bug abuse and exploitation - Permanent Ban

- Number of Restricted Accounts: 14 across all service regions

* 10 Black Desert Console adventurers have been restricted for abuse in accordance with the operational policy.













Furthermore, due to the seriousness of this issue as it affected in-game currency,

we have also recovered all instances of in-game currency that were obtained abnormally even if it was unintentional or used only once (approximately 900,000 Silver per time) as part of our investigations across all service regions.


Thank you for your understanding.


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